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  • Effects of the Vietnam War Essay

    societies. Whether it be the loss of life, wealth or influence, war determines what a society becomes. This paper will look at some of the effects on U.S. society following the war in Viet Nam. The Effects of the Vietnam War on American Society The Conflict in Southeast Asia had lasting effects on the United States society. It was sold to the American people as necessary to stop the spread of Communism and quickly become one of the longest and costliest wars in U

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  • Vietnam Airlines Strategy

    analysis 5 2.1.1 PESTE 5 Political analysis 5 Economic analysis 7 Socio-cultural analysis 9 Technological analysis 10 Ecological analysis 12 2.1.2 5-force 2.2 Internal analysis 17 Value chain 17 2.3 SWOT 21 2.4 Options 24 2.5 Vietnam Airlines's doing 25 III. Recommendation 28 IV. Conclusion 30 V. Reference 30 Group members: * * 1. Đào Thị Mỹ Hạnh BABAIU13076 2. Park Do Hyun BABAUN13080 * 3. Nguyễn Thị Hoài BABAIU13090 * 4. Nguyễn

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  • Essay on The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War The Vietnam war was fought by the United States between the years of 1965 and 1973. It was basically the longest war the country had ever engaged itself in. Another important aspect of the Vietnam War, was that it gave rise to the largest and most successful antiwar movement in United States history. As a result of the media, more particularly television, various political and social views held my the many Americans about the war were changed and presented towards

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  • The Vietnam War Of Vietnam

    claimed the territories of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. This war is essentially known as the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War lasted an alarming 20 years, from 1955 to 1975. As you could imagine, there were an extensive number of casualties, estimating in over 2 million victims. Of the most claimed, were South Vietnamese, totaling an estimated 430,000 citizens. In hopes of preventing a communist takeover in South Vietnam, several anticommunist allies began to team up with South Vietnam, such as, the Philippines

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  • The War Of The Vietnam War

    One of the wars that had a huge impact on people was the Vietnam War. This war had lasted for almost thirty years and caused many deaths for both of the troops in the United States (U.S.) and Vietnam, grief and suffering, and lost of homes. This war started as a series of conflict that began in the 1940s. After being exiled for thirty years, Ho Chi Minh had secretly returned to Vietnam and created a nationalist organization called the Vietnam Independence League (Viet Minh) and helped the U.S. military

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  • The War Of The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War was one of most unpopular wars by American citizens during and year after the war. This war was almost last twenty years long. That is a long time for people to fight in the war. This war was despised by many U.S citizens, mostly younger generation thought of this to be as unjust and that Americans should not have entered the war at all. Many from this era of the still hold this was in contempt. It was so unpopular with the American public so much that Veterans that come back from

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  • The War Of The Vietnam War

    during the Vietnam War. Within this war, America faced not only military challenges, but challenges towards their issued foreign policies as well. Furthermore, America’s excuse, of a communism threat, to enter the war not only appeared ambiguous but rather contradictory. By analysing the causes and course of the Vietnam war throughout 1954-1975, the following essay will dissect the difficulties America faced as well as their cloudy morality throughout their intervention. The War of Vietnam can be traced

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  • The War Of The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War was a long fought war between North Vietnam, which marked its communist regime and South Vietnam, which was supported by the United States. It was believed that if Vietnam fell under communist influence, than other nations in Southeast Asia would follow, hence the domino theory. Although the United States’ involvement dated back to World War II, it did not escalate until the 1950’s. Unfortunately the United States’ involvement kept increasing due to the fear of communism. There were

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  • The Protests of the Vietnam War Essay

    It is commonly known in the United States that the Vietnam War was not a popular war. In fact, it was highly protested and a number of movies later came of it, including one that many people know and love: Forrest Gump. Other movies included To the Shores of Hell, Good Guys Wear Black, The Ballad of Andy Crocker, and many more. However, many of the horrors that people associate with the war come from being in Vietnam, not from the backyards of the American people. Yet the violence and atrocities

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  • Vietnam And The Vietnam War

    In the early days of the Vietnam war, United states involvement was limited to training and assistance to the South Vietnamese to help them defeat the communist soldiers of North Vietnam. The Vietnam War was a military conflict fought between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. South Vietnam was supported by the United States and other anti-communist allies; whereas, the North Vietnamese were supported by their communist allies. The Viet Cong fought using a guerrilla style of war, ambushing in small

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  • The United States And The Vietnam War

    falling into the hands of the Communist influence. Eventually, the French appealed to the United States for aid in an effort to avoid its investment from being lost. The Vietnam War (1954-1975) was a long-lasting conflict between the communists of North Vietnam and its ally, the Viet Cong against the government of South Vietnam and its ally, the United States. The war inaugurated in 1954, after Ho Chi Minh and his communist Viet Minh party continued against the backdrop of a bitter Cold War between

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  • Essay on Cons of the Vietnam War

    Hist Period 4 11/11/10 Vietnam War The Vietnam War, a war whose beginnings and causes were questionable. Some say it was necessary for the US to intervene others say that there was no need to shed innocent blood over something that could have been solved using words. As I researched this war I couldn’t help but to stop and really think about the reasons we entered the war. The beginning of the war started during World War Two, when Japanese forces invaded Vietnam forcing out the French influence

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  • The American Of The Soviet North Vietnam

    the boundaries of South Vietnam waged war against the South Vietnamese leadership and the French. Seeing the ongoing fight for the French and South Vietnamese, the powerful United States provided assistance in support of their allies, but limited their involvement to supplying equipment and personnel support in efforts to fight off the advances of the Chinese and Soviet Union backed North Vietnam. As the conflict progressed, the American footprint and role in South Vietnam continued to grow in both

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  • Vietnam During The Vietnam War

    Vietnam war was started 12 years just after WW2 had ended. Vietnam war had started because of the struggle between the republic of Vietnam. You had 2 parts of vietnam who couldn 't get along and agree so they made a Line along the 17th Parallel call The Demilitarized Zone. It had separated North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The north was always meaner and the bad country while South vietnam was the nicer and gooder country. The Capital of North Vietnam was Hanoi. The capital of South Vietnam was Saigon

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  • Vietnam War As A Civil War

    may heard the teacher talked about the term Vietnam War or even in university there are some chapters that the professor might talk about it. Usually they not go really deep into the Vietnam War, because of the time limits of the class, so that is why today I will inform you about the Vietnam War with lots of details. Vietnam War was a civil war between North and South Vietnam. In this Vietnam War, we can learn about mistakes in the past from both Vietnam and America, and we can distinguish between

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  • The War Of Vietnam War

    period when the United States truly began taking over the Vietnam War. President Lyndon B. Johnson began to release for the first time a juncture of air attacks and during the Americanization, this is when the war begins to escalate to a new different level. The Vietnam War had a great significance in the events that occurred in the United States, this era was a period of development, movements, reforms, protest and great revolt. Vietnam was central throughout all these occurrences. President Johnson

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  • The War Of The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War, a war with no point and one that cost both sides dearly. This war wasn’t your simple war where you would fight for territory, no, it was a war of attrition to see how many of the enemy you could kill before they gave in. The Americans didn’t know what they were going to be up against going into the war, nor did they know how dearly it would cost them. What was even worse was that most of the troops fighting in the Vietnam war had no idea what they were fighting to achieve other

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  • The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War is truly one of the most unique wars ever fought by the Unites States of by any country. It was never officially declared a war (Knowll, 3). It had no official beginning nor an official end. It was fought over 10,000 miles away in a virtually unknown country. The enemy and the allies looked exactly the alike, and may by day be a friend but by night become an enemy (Aaseng 113). It matched the tried and true tactics of World War Two against a hide, run, and shoot technique known as

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  • Vietnam Bond Market

    much more preferred by investors. In the context of this report, some major points regarding the bond market in Vietnam are presented. Firstly, a common picture about the Vietnam bond market is drawn. Next come the types of bonds and major participants in this market. Finally, several ways by which bonds are issued are described in details. I/ Overview of Vietnam bond market The Vietnam bond market was established in 2000, but it only developed sharply after 2002 when the government allowed issuing

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  • The Protest Of The Vietnam War

    ruined the lives of many young men from being able to pursue their school, careers, and many of which had friends, and or family that were attending school. This caused much of the student body in colleges to begin protesting. Protesting for the Vietnam war started on college campuses Students of a Democratic Society (SDS) because of the number of young adults that wanted to attend school but never got the chance to because of the draft system, which would ruin the chances of the young men with scholarships

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  • A Interview On Vietnam And The Vietnam War

    learn about Vietnam, the country where my informant was born and lived until 1975 when Saigon was invaded by the North Vietnamese. In addition, I had desired to see Vietnam from a perspective other than the Vietnam War where Americans fought. However, there is another reason I chose Vietnam, I work with students whose parents are from Vietnam even though the parents are a younger generation their culture is alive and lived out in their community. Some of the students return to Vietnam every year

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  • Effects Of Vietnam War On Vietnam And The United States

    Vietnam War is a historic event for my country. As war is a way to reform the government and to reconstruct policies, thus, the Vietnam War contributes greatly to the independence of Vietnam as of present. Many of us have different views about this event, but overall, we cannot negate the influences and consequences of the war toward Vietnam and the United States. Even though the facts from this war has been discussed widely through mass media and many historians have been studied and researched

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  • Vietnam Essays

    Vietnam War      The Vietnam War was truly one of the most uncommon wars ever fought. This conflict was so hostile and ironic, that the official beginning and end could never be identified, or pinpointed. Likewise, the enemies and the allies looked exactly alike. This turmoil made everyone in the war confused, because “anyone” could be a friend by day, and foe by night. Additionally, what made the war so difficult was the tactics used by many soldiers. These tactics were

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  • Vietnam And The Vietnam War

    There was a multitude of occurrences that helped to begin the Vietnam war, most notably: the spread of communism through areas of Southeast Asia, including China and Korea, the establishment of the Viet Cong in South Vietnam, the election of President Ngo Dinh Diem, and Congress’s decision to give President Johnson utmost authority over the military. The importance of Southeast Asia’s susceptibility to communism is demonstrated when, in Document B, McGeorge Bundy says, “It is recommended that you

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  • Essay about Vietnam Report

    Vietnam analysis Vietnam analysis This year’s MBA fieldtrip to Vietnam aim was to examine the different approaches adopted in order compete in a highly competitive global business environment. The visit involved either visiting or having the opportunity to meet six businesses senior managers of successfully organisations operating in Vietnam and a non-for-profit organisation. The six businesses were either multinational organisations or local businesses from a wide range of industries, such

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  • Essay on Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War (Vietnamese: Chiến tranh Việt Nam), also known as the Second Indochina War,[32] and also known in Vietnam as Resistance War Against America (Vietnamese: Kháng chiến chống Mỹ) or simply the American War, was a Cold War-era proxy war[citation needed] that occurred in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia from 1 November 1955[A 1] to the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. This war followed the First Indochina War (1946–54) and was fought between North Vietnam—supported by the Soviet Union, China

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  • The War Of The Vietnam War

    fighting tactics are a major key to success. While this does not guarantee victory, it at least provides soldiers with a more positive outcome. For example, in the Vietnam War, the United States had access to state of the art weaponry and decent strategists, yet fell short of their goal of preventing the spread on communism in Vietnam. It is possible to do almost everything right and still not win like the United States. Nevertheless, good weapons such as the M16, helicopters, and fighter planes;

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  • Philippines and Vietnam Economy Essay

    Economy with Taxation and Agrarian Reforms Xeres Yvonne O. Quimora A Comparative Study Of Philippines and Vietnam’s Economy Laserna,Marknel S. Caraig, Ma. Joy Angeline E. Serrano, Ismerald BSCS-C32 Morning Philippines Vietnam Economic and social environment Philippines The Philippines is a large country, with high population density, and a population growth rate relatively higher (2.2 percent per year in 1990-94) then the SEA standard. The ratio of urban population

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  • The Anti War Movement Of Vietnam

    Johnson refused to lose Vietnam, and he feared losing Vietnam would send them in the direction as China. In 1960, Viet-Cong rebels from south revolted causing the election to be Ho Chi Minh was a part of. In 1962, John F. Kennedy sends 16,000 advisors to defeat the Viet-Cong. The Viet-Cong most of the country side in Vietnam, and once Johnson was in office he began sending combat troops. Because of supported attitudes, there was legal justification for the U.S. to enter Vietnam. The president said that

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  • Vietnam And The Vietnam War

    Vietnam Tunnels Imagine living your life in constant fear, living in the darkness with dangerous things all around you and constantly been bombed. Now imagine trying to fit in a small hole where you were there is barely any air and you can’t see what is in front of you. Well, this was the life of the Vietnamese and the American troops during the Vietnam war. During the Vietnam war, Vietnamese villagers created thousands of tunnels in order to protect them self from the enemy. This

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  • Bob Dylan Vietnam Essays

    to influence and shape the present and the future, particularly the decade of the 1960s, which was a time often called the decade of discontent because of demonstrations against the Vietnam War. Americans were divided between patriotism and the desire for peace. Some agreed with President Johnsons involvement in Vietnam for the common goal of eliminating communism, others became entranced in the peace movements that usually involved mass protests. For those who protested American involvement in the

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  • The Photographs Of The Vietnam War

    Vietnam War The iconic photographs of the Civil War were relatively tame compared to photographs taken during the Vietnam War. Vietnam War photographs debuted in everyone’s living room. The photographs showed the gory details the Civil War photographs lacked. Unlike the Civil War, the photographs displayed people in agony as they evacuated or lay dying in real time. The photographic equipment of the 1960s developed exponentially. Cameras were lightweight compared to cameras used during the Civil

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  • The Vietnam War And The War

    History Fair 3/5/15 The Vietnam Conflict The Vietnam War, also known as the second Indochina war was fought between the years of 1954 and 1973. Although the American involvement was not as concentrated until 1963. The record for longest war in American history to this day goes to the Vietnam, but the story doesn’t start when America stepped in, it goes way beyond that. Before either of the Indochina wars, Vietnam was a French Colony. The French maintained strong control of Vietnam until the Japanese invaded

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  • The Communist Force Of Vietnam

    The country was first under the control of France in 1858, but in 1954 Vietnam declared its independence after World War 2. In 1954, the communist force of Vietnam won over France’s control. Vietnam was initially divided from south and north territory, with the US aiding the south territory of Vietnam. In 1974, Northern Vietnam eventually ran over the south territory, and finally uniting Vietnam as one. Vietnam was predominately a communist orientated country till 1986, when the “doi moi” renovation

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  • The Price Of Vietnam During The Vietnam War

    The Price of Vietnam The Vietnam war was a very controversial war, and many debate on whether or not the participation of the United States in the war was necessary. The war lasted a grueling twenty years, 1955 to 1975. However, in the year of 1968 there was much going on at home, from civil rights movements lead my Dr. Martin Luther King Jr to the presidential election of Richard Nixon and the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Tension was high in the U.S. With over 2.7 million Americans that served

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  • The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War was a diversified battle not only in race, but in circumstance. Men were forced to leave their families to take part in gruesome battle. Blood, sweat, and tears were shed not only in combat, but in the homes of the anxious loved ones left behind. A small town boy, born in 1948, was filled with eager anxiety as his eyes readily scanned the draft letter stamped with his name just nineteen short years later. Emotions surged through the minds of the young newlyweds just beginning a

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  • War Between Vietnam And Vietnam

    The people of the United States on going to war with Vietnam had a variety of responses. Even after we entered the war, the President himself and his advisors expressed opinions of disapproval to sending troops to Vietnam. Lyndon B Johnson stated, “I don’t think it’s worth fighting for and I don’t think we an get out” (Roark et al 885). However, he made the decision to deploy troops to fight against the communism problem that was so relevant. He was making an effort to protect the reputation the

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  • The Social Transformation Of Vietnam

    Introduction Doi Moi, the economic reform that has taken place in Vietnam since 1980s, is the most salient contexts that attracts many scholarly attentions. In responding the shift from a command to a market economy and Vietnam’s increasing global integration are the revitalization and restructuring of rituals, the re-emergence of patrilineages in certain parts of the country, the intensification of class stratification, and fundamental shifts in the dominant discourses on culture, nationhood, class

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  • Support For The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War, which began in 1955 and ended twenty years later in 1975, had an unforeseen impact on American society, which caused a decline in support for the United States’ involvement in Southeast Asia. This paper will examine the causes that led to a shift in support for the Vietnam War from the American public. Factors such as the cost of the war, both in monetary terms and solider causality rates, the lack of progress being made in Vietnam, and the protests and resistance that came from

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  • United States Of The Vietnam War

    Dwight David Eisenhower was a decorated military man. He was the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in WW2. By the 1952 election, the United States of America had not officially entered the Vietnam War. Per a lecture from POSC 421, the United States of America officially entered the conflict in Vietnam in 1955 although United States President Harry S. Truman, sent “advisors” to assist the French and insisted the “advisors” were not going for a combat mission. According to a lecture from POSC 421

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  • The War Of The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War is known to be the only war the United States ever lost. It was extremely unpopular and had approval ratings of below 20% (McConnell 183). It left us with a war memorial containing the names of 58,209 dead soldiers, all inscribed on black granite (Isaacs 1). Although the military action of the Vietnam War took place thousands of miles from our shores, the war’s effects were strongly felt in the United States of America. Vietnam was originally a French colony, and it gained independence

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  • Honda Vietnam

    1-Introduction to Honda Vietnam 2-Vietnam’s potential powers for developing motorcycle industry 3-The distribution of Honda Heads 4-Prices 5- Case: Price of Honda Vietnam vs Honda Thailand motorcycle 6-Competitive abilities of Honda verse other firms 7-Development since establishment 1-Introduction to Honda Vietnam name: Honda Vietnam Corporation. Honda Vietnam Corporation was established in 1998. Head office: Phuc Yen district- Vinh Phuc province Honda Vietnam (HVN) is a joint venture

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  • Us Involvement in Vietnam Essay

    Joel Snoke Mrs. Ronane Senior English 1st 12/10/04 Thesis: The US involvement in the Vietnam War was justified. I. Background on Vietnam A. Vietnam pre WWII 1.French A. Colonialism B. Cruelty 2.USA A. Backing Ho Chi Minh B. War with Japan B. Vietnam post WWII 1. Ho chi Minh A. Early years B. Political years 2. Diem A. Anti-communism B. Brutal police II. Tet Offensive A. Viet Cong 1. Miscommunication A. Delay of message B. Element

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  • The War in Vietnam Essay

    The War in Vietnam Despite the establishment of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam in the North of Vietnam the French forced the communists out of the south of Vietnam and took over the northern city of Haiphong. This led to the Indochinese War, from 1946-1954. During this war, the French controlled the major cities and the Vietminh controlled the countryside. The French needed some new tactics, and their new military leader, General Navarre was the man for with the

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  • The War Of The Vietnam War

    that they don’t even exist anymore. One war that America doesn’t seem to talk about is the Vietnam War. The Vietnam War was a proxy war during the Cold War, but it is always swept aside. The Vietnam War divided the U.S. as the war continued throughout the years. The U.S. shouldn’t have been involved in the Vietnam War, because the Domino Theory was not correct. Before the U.S. started combat in Vietnam, there was the First Indochina War. France had colonized Indochina for many years, until Ho

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  • Mcdonald's in Vietnam

    MCDONALD’S IN VIETNAM By Ayodeji Akin Abiri Table of Contents Abstract 1.0 Introduction 3 1.1 Background note 4 1.2 Global Strategy 5 2.0 McDonald’s In Vietnam 8 2.1 Entry Strategy 9 2.2 PESTEL analysis of Vietnam 9 2.3 SWOT analysis of HCM city 11 2.4 Expansion strategy 12 2.5 Franchising in Vietnam 13 2.6 Drive-thru restaurants 13 2.7 Localization

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  • The War Of The Vietnam War

    that served in the Vietnam War experienced a tremendous amount of horrific tragedies and stressful events. They are commended for all of the time they served and the dedication to their country, along with the advice they brought home with them. Most of the research done on the Vietnam War is on the war itself and the men who fought during it but not so much the women. All of the nurses who signed up for the war were volunteers. Approximately 7500 US military nurses served in Vietnam during the war

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  • The Memorial Of The Vietnam Veterans

    decade of brutality, millions of Vietnam War veterans returned to the United States only to endure further suffering. As a result, a wounded war veteran named Jan C. Scruggs embarked on a mission to erect a memorial in honor of the Vietnam veterans. In order to fund the project, Scruggs enlisted the aid of politicians, celebrities, veteran support groups and labor unions. A Yale University student named Maya Lin submitted her design for the memorial into the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial Fund contest

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  • The Legacy Of The Vietnam War

    events of his presidency was the Vietnam War. Entering the executive office in 1969, Nixon would have to “pick up the slack” of his predecessor, Lyndon Johnson, who had left office while the Vietnam War was still going on. Expected to be the “peaceful-president”, Nixon was visualized by many Americans as being the one who would put an end to the war in Southeast Asia and bring American troops home. Nixon had many policy goals, and even had a peace settlement with Vietnam. Although Nixon tried to search

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  • The War Of The Vietnam War

    The Vietnam War lasted many years and saw a great impact on the world, to those that fought in it and those that lived through it, however, many question whether or not America’s involvement was necessary. The United States of America’s decision to become involved in the First Indochina War between the French and the Vietnamese was a mistake. Their involvement in the war was a mistake because the US risked a lot in a war that had nothing to do with them and Vietnam veterans were mistreated by America’s

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