If I Had a Million Dollars Essay

  • I Had A Best Friend

    Once upon a time, I had a best friend. Don 't get me wrong, I still do, it 's just a different person now. This original best friend I had been friends with for 8 years. Yes, you 'd think 8 years would have brought us closer together, even inseparable, and we were, but not in a good way. This friend, we 'll call her Holly, was an abusive friend. She didn 't punch me or anything like that (I 'd like to see her try) but she was mentally abusive. She would rip you down to nothing to make herself

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  • I Had A Nice Time With You Tonight

    I Had a Nice Time With You Tonight. On the App. The article name is “I Had a Nice Time With You Tonight. On the App” and it was written by Jenna Wortham. This article is about these days communication apps and how it is a revolutionary thing. The apps become important things and people cannot live without them anymore. Also people depend on the apps to talk, to express fallings, and to be with their partner in everything and loose the face-to-face connection. Time is valuable these days and spending

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  • I Had No School Or Work Obligations

    In order to prepare for this experience I made sure to complete it on a day where I had no school or work obligations. I also decided to do it the day before Thanksgiving so the next day would make up for the lack of human contact, food, and restricted activities. As for the mental and emotional aspect, I was not too worried and I did not feel as though I needed some sort of preparation. I tend to spend a lot of time alone in a small room. My main concern was definitely not being able to use electronics

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  • I Had My Own Horse

    I grew up on a farm with only two close houses nearby. From birth I had my own horse. Both of my parents worked full time. My mom worked nights after we go home from school and my dad would come home about an hour after my mom left. My dad had other things to do when he got home, as well as take care of my other 3 younger siblings. Therefore, I would run over to the neighbor’s house after school every day. Out of my two of my neighbors Only one had a child. Their daughter was 4 years older than I

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  • I Had Got With The Doors

    I had got use to having the skytrain doors shut in my face. No matter how confused or scared someone looked, no one had the time to stop or help a lost person. The ride back home seemed to be longer than usual and I could not help but notice the nervous group of kids trying to figure out the directions. Looking at them reminded me of the time when I first used the skytrain without any adult supervision. I vividly remember the struggle my little cousin and I faced just to get back home. It

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  • Growing Up I Had Culture

    Growing up I never thought much about culture. Actually, I never knew I had culture. When I thought of culture I thought of people coming from across the world, not growing up in a tiny Minnesotan town. I’m learning now that I do have culture after all and it has shaped my life, and my choices in many ways. Cultural Identity My culture has been mostly influenced by my mom and her side of the family. Three sisters, one brother, and numerous cousins of mine. I’m half German, Croatian, and Norigian

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  • I Had A True Passion For Reading

    every step I took walking to my Grandmother’s house. I always enjoyed stepping foot into her home every time I opened the door I would be welcomed by a warm blanket of air that surrounded me in the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and baked sweets. Grandmother kept a tiny wooden bookshelf filled with various fairytale stories in the corner of her living room just for me. Since I could not yet read I would climb on to my grandmother’s warm lap like a faithful routine and hand her the book I wanted

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  • The Test I Had Like A Projective Test

    The test I took happened to be a personality inventory. Instead of being presented with an image and told to describe what i saw like a projective test, I was asked to rate myself on a scale one to five about how I function and my behavior. It is often called a objective personality test because its results come from comparing an individuals answers to the standardized norms collected from groups of people. I agree with the results from the personality test I took. I received close to the highest

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  • Essay A Vacation I Had(Hawaii)

    A vacation I had Every summer, when high school examination are over, I always plan to go somewhere especially beaches, shores and coast are the best suit place for a summer. In the last years, me and my family planned to go a beach which is very well known as a beautiful heaven place ''the Hawaii''. Hawaii is a state that attracts tourists because of its history, geography, entertainment, and culture. It is well known for its volcanoes, beaches, and climate. For these reasons, tourism is the

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  • I Had Made Some Good Friends

    people. Throughout my life, I have had made some good friends. I am blessed to have these wonderful people in my life. I had and have two dear friends in Michigan; they are my long term friends. When we get together it is as if no time has passed. Unfortunately, a lot of time and distance has passed and those friends in Michigan are not in my daily life. Upon moving to Indiana in 2002 with my husband and three children, there was a physical distance from me and my friends, I struggled to make connections

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  • Sports Athletes Deserve Million Dollar Pay

    broadcasted on television. The media talks about Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and other popular athletes signing million dollar contracts. Yet most sports enthusiasts never stop to think, “Wow! That’s a lot of money”. Why do athletes get paid so much? Why is someone worth millions of dollars?” (Wilbon). Popular sports athletes deserve million dollar salaries, because these are the players we watch, we cheer for, we buy jerseys, t- shirts, and shoes from. These players put a lot

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  • My First Thing I Had Imagined

    ABSS was nothing like I had imagined. I thought that it would be a school building similar to the ones here in the United States but it was not. The first thing I notice was that the school is location in a university campus. The second things that caught my attention was that although the school building is composed of only classrooms, there is still strict security around the area. The whole school is made up of at least seven small sections. There is the library section, the office section, the

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  • I Had No Idea For Christmas Gifts

    I had no idea how to astonish someone I did not know. I sat under a tree south of the library to stimulate my creative juices. This did not work, possibly due to my lack of creative juices. I started to walk around campus; I thought maybe a good thought would hit me from above. I started to pray for an idea but then I decided I was better off just taking some action and praying for a good outcome. That was when I saw the Christmas trees in the Student Union. I went closer and read about the children

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  • I Had Just Got My Life Together

    I had just got my life together. I had been out of work for over a year and as the recession got worse and worse finding a job was more than impossible for a 19 year old female, which had had a rough work ethic and had no certificates of any value. But then I found it, the job of my dreams being an elderly caregiver, I put my everything into the interview and struck pot luck and got the job. My partner and I had agreed to stay living at home so we could save all the money possible for the house

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  • I Had Visited The High Art Museum

    I had visited the High Art Museum in Atlanta on November 15. I decided to write on the art piece The Sea From Capri because that had caught my eye. The painting was born in the year of 1875. The painter is the American William Stanley Haseltine; he lived from 1835 to 1900. The painting is available for viewing in the High Arts Museum on the third level in the Stent Family Wing in gallery 301. The size of piece is 41 1/4 x 72 7/8 inches on a canvas. The painting is a breathing taking view of a

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  • I Had Been Speculating For Years Now

    I cut my hair! I had been speculating for years now. So I finally did it! So why did I cut it?? To be honest, I just woke up one day and decide against relaxing my new growth. I haven 't relaxed my hair in 5 months and the hair really grew!! What really made me choose to cut it was just the thought of having short hair and being able to enjoy it. Past experiences with short natural hair: Childhood When I was a child in Nigeria, I 'm sure my hair was cut short, and it was probably because my

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  • What I Never Had Friends When I Was Younger

    I never really had friends when I was younger. I was picked on and bullied. In the third grade I made my first few friends but ended up losing them when my family moved. I didn’t know how to make friends, or how to interact properly with other people. My social abilities took time to build but I was eventually able to build relationships with others in time. Friends came and went throughout my life and I slowly got used to figuring out how other people worked. I’ve made a lot of good friends, and

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  • I Had Become A Learning English

    My parents have told me that I had become interested in learning English when I was but a three-year-old child. At the time, we were living in an ARAMCO housing compound, for my father, a businessman and a construction contractor was supervising several projects for ARAMCO in the Eastern Province. It was because we lived in this close knitted community, which hosted numerous families from the US, UK, Canada and Australia who work for the very same company, that I had been keen to learn English. Understandably

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  • I Had A Wonderful Experience

    pleasure for many people in the USA. I had a fantastic experience; I wish if I could to regained that’s moment to enjoy it again and again. I don’t think so, I will forgetting a tiny detail of all that day. I had a mix of emotions wondered, exciting, and something happed inside my heart, when I saw a high glass room that 's far from ground is 1,353 feet. the number made me feel a lot of sweat. When I went inside the Willis tower, I made my steps slower than my husband. I thought that day will be the last

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  • I Had My First Risk Factor

    childhood, I often went through some highs and lows. I was born in Danvers, Mass in 1996. This is a wealthier town just north of Boston. At that time, I had an older sister named Paige, who is currently 22. By the age of two, my parents got a divorce, and my mom moved out of my childhood home. This was the first risk factor. Within the next couple of years, my dad was remarried to a younger woman named Joelle, and they had my half sister Maddie who is presently 13. When I was around 15, I lost all

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  • I Thought We Had A Deal

    “I thought we had a deal?!” she said, staring daggers at me as I began to move out my things from the apartment. “That was then, I’m afraid,” I replied, sighing internally, hoping this would end. “I don’t understand you… why are you doing this to me?” “And what if there was a reason? Would you accept it and stop acting like a spoiled brat?” She immediately froze in fear. Somehow, I doubt she could’ve thought that the man she gave 4 years of her life was simply leaving her due to internal disagreements

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  • I Believe the First Thing We Had Essay

    I believe one of the very first things that we had a problem with was being taxed without permission, which of course is called taxation without representation. Just like today’s age, our taxes go up every time we have to make amends for the government’s mistakes. One example would be the trillion dollar debt that we have now this is something that causes our taxes to go higher, because it has to be paid back. They have to make up for their losses. So we get taxed. Another one of the big grievances

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  • Growing Up I Had No Problem With School

    Growing up I had no problem with school. I didn 't necessarily enjoy school, but when It came down to getting good grades and being at the top of my class. I always succeeded in that or at least up until I hit high school. There were a lot of distractions and issues that led me to performing really poorly in high school. I obviously graduated, but not at the level that my parents and I would have liked me at. I definitely encountered tons of struggles, but I also had a lot of motivation from many

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  • When I Had Free Time

    classroom, you would have seen me in the front row deeply engaged into the subject. I occasionally raised my hand to ask a question or add my input into the discussion. I was always the first student out of my seat when we were allowed to begin our labs. I enjoyed working with my classmates to discover new information and be able to implement the results of the experiments to the real world. If I had free time in the lab, I would have conducted my own experiments due to my curiosity. My classmates gravitate

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  • Million Dollar Baby: Visual Language Analysis

    When I turn on the television to watch a movie, I notice that I have a tendency to focus on the words of the characters, sometimes on the music in the background and how it relates to the overall scene, but as I watch what is in front of me I rarely tend to focus my attention to the colors, lines, textures or balance of the surroundings. Everything seems to be part of the big picture of the scene rather than visuals that stand out. Every day we are surrounded by visual elements, which are just as

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  • The Lessons I Had Planned For This Week

    lessons that I had planned for this week proved to be very challenging and somewhat wasteful. However, the good thing about this whole ordeal is that I have become more aware of what works and does not work for the students. I also have a better understanding of how important it is to check for students understanding and keep them engaged throughout the entire lesson. Every one of my lesson plans included powerpoints that would present the content for the subject of my lesson. I had even included

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  • I Had Never Been Mad

    I had never been so mad at my favorite grandmother in my life! It was after midnight on a clear starry night in 2005. Sitting in the dimmed light of my grandma’s living room on an oversized dark blue couch with an understated 90s geometric pattern constructed in pale blue lines I hatched a plan. I was just eight years old but I knew when I had been cheated! I had spent a lot of time with my grandma growing up. We always took her sight seeing, on vacation, and camping with us. Not to mention the house

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  • Building A Construction Project Worth An Estimated $ 25 Million Dollars

    Construction supervisors can have different job titles, including job foreman, construction superintendent, construction foreman, project superintendent and field supervisor. My candidate I decided to interview is forty-two years old and is in charge of a major construction project worth an estimated $ 25 million dollars. My first question was generally about his duties. He stated, “My duties are typically the same as any field supervisor, regardless of the title, that construction supervisors coordinate

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  • Being A Kid I Had Found Reading And Writing

    Being a kid I had found reading and writing to be enjoyable. In my childhood my grandmother would read to me all the time. She would read all kinds of different books; such as Charlotte 's Web, Little House On the Prairie, and Sesame Street. Charlotte 's Web was one of my all time favorite books. While I got a little older I had started a Diary and every day I would write about my good days and my bad days, people, my life, and what I wanted to be in the future. I had also owned a journal entry where

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  • I Had A Learning Organization

    people feel free to experiment, take risks and access results. In order to achieve all of these components of my vision people will have to be willing to learn and feel that what we are doing is important to a learning organization. If I had a Learning Organization A learning organization is a company that encourages people to learn and grow. They not only are doing something that matters but are learning and expanding their knowledge. According to the field book “Learning in organizations

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  • I Wish Had Never Happened

    Something I wish had never happened Essay . Some things happen for good reasons, some things happen for bad reasons, and sometimes things happen for no reason. It’s part of a thing called life. Life takes unexpected turns and can catch you off guard in the blink of an eye. This is something I had to experience just as many others have before me. My best friend or Grandpa, was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia, my like turned upside down just like the snap of your thumb and middle finger creating

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  • Strategic Asset Planning Multi Million Dollar Projects Project Lifecycle Management

    business needs and industry developments. A diligent and hardworking individual who has a proven record in managing OH&S and compliance issues and is dedicated to ongoing development through learning commitment. • Strategic Asset Planning • Multi-Million Dollar Projects • Project Lifecycle Management • Buildings & Infrastructure • Financial Management • Construction Management • Risk Assessments & Control • Environmental Strategies • Cost Containment • Contract Tendering / Selections • Process Improvements

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  • $55 Million Dollar Data Breach at Choicepoint

    $55 Million Dollar Data Breach at ChoicePoint Abstract Personal data breaches have become epidemic in the U.S. where innocent citizens sensitive information is being left unprotected and subsequently disseminated between hackers. ChoicePoint is an organization that is a premier data broker and credentialing service in the industry. The company was guilty of failing to fulfil their own policy of thoroughly evaluating prospective customer organizations which resulted in a major breach. The

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  • The Service Learning Experience That I Had The Opportunity

    This paper will be a summary about the service learning experience that I had the opportunity to have throughout the course of the semester. The classes that I observed are a ninth grade English Honors class, and an eleventh grade AP English class, at Cerritos High School. Even though the students from those two classes belong to different age ranges, both groups have shown to have about the same needs, and they are both formed (for the majority) of ESL learners. The difference between the two classes

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  • Million Dollar Baby Tragedy Essay example

    memory. Beyond their journey, there is a love” From Million Dollar Baby. Million Dollar Baby directed by Clint Eastwood is a story about a girl, Maggie who wants desperately to be a fighter, but she only wants to be trained by the best trainer around, Frankie. She succeeds in persuading him to train her and goes on to be a magnificent fighter. Million Dollar Baby is a tragedy because the heroine, Maggie embraces the definition of a tragedy. Million Dollar Baby is a tragedy because Maggie fits the first

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  • Essay on The Best Holiday I Have Ever Had

    Mathematics. All of these require students to learn, memorise, understand and to be tested. Besides grades and examinations, the school also encompasses a wider curriculum including character moulding, citizenship building and personality development. Indeed, I think the school does prepare us for life. Firstly, the school teaches us self-discipline. We learn to keep to a schedule and to adhere to the timetable. We also learn to appreciate time and to be punctual. Moreover, we are trained to plan and manage

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  • What I Had Visited For The Assignment

    The court what i had visited for the assignment is Seattle superior court in Seattle. I went to observe the domestic violence court case, so the judge was family law judge. The name of Judge is Johnson Taylor. I visited the place at June 1st, at AM 08:30, and the court was began at 09:30AM. * When I arrived the courthouse, a lot of people were moving in busy. They seems preparing their court cases, half of attorneys and half of people who sued or was sued by someone. After the waiting, the clock

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  • How I Had My First Steps

    I was born February 19, 2002 in Fulton County Health Center to Shari and Kevin Pile. I was 8 pounds and 12 ounces and 21 inches tall and born in the evening. My parents tell me my brother Michael and sister Kendra were excited to get a new brother but I don’t believe it. My parents also say that I wasn 't even delivered by a doctor. The doctor was on his way driving to the hospital when the nurse had to deliver me. I wasn 't named after anyone with my first name but my middle name is my brothers

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  • I Had No Computer Literacy

    the year 2003, and I was in first grade. We were in the computer lab for a class assignment. Most of the kids seemed fluent with the computers and their usage, promptly navigating to the google.com home page (yes, it existed back then) and searching for “ligers.” While I, on the other hand, was unable to even navigate to the internet browser. It was the first time I had any formal experience with any sort of computer. I felt utterly lost. Unlike the other students in my class, I had no computer literacy

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  • If I Won 1 Million Dollars

    If I won 1 million dollars, the first three things I would do are, students and family, local community organization and running an animal reduces. I would definitely invest as much as I could. I would spend some however to finish my college education and pay off my debts, give some to family, and invest the rest to help pay for the students education. I am very involved in several of my local community organizations and would give back to those each year. I if win 1 million dollar I will spend to

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  • I Had A Friend Commit Suicide

    my own life in which I fear it’s the loss of the lives around me. Even more than that I fear people dying before I get to tell them how much I love them. Death has always been a very emotional and personal experience for me. As a curious soul with stubborn ways death has always been hard for me to grasp and accept. I have such an overwhelming amount of compassion that it’s hard for me to cope with death. I’ve always been sensitive to death whether it be family members when I was young or characters

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  • My Dream I Had A Dream

    From a young age, I had a dream. I had the want to be a teacher, to spent my time in front of a classroom with a group of children listening and learning. In my free time I would sit in my room, a book in hand, reading stories out loud into the abyss. My free time was spent teaching an imaginary class, with homemade assignments, and random picture books off my book shelf, alone in my bedroom. A passion grew with in me to instill knowledge into the minds of children. This desire to teach began to

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  • A Vampire : What I Had Done?

    A Vampire: ?I Regret What I Had Done.? Today, vampire is the hottest topic in novels, movies, and dramas around the world. Belief in vampires has existed for thousands of year in many different cultures around the world. In original folklore and mythology, the traditional vampires tend to be inhuman and have no soul. They are truly monstrosities. They feed human?s blood in the midnight and enjoy killing people. Today?s outlook on vampires is more positive. Some modern vampires are very human and

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  • I Had A Great Deal Of Leisure Time

    “As to my own treatment while I lived on Colonel Lloyd’s planation, it was very similar to that of the other slave children. I was not old enough to work in the field, and there being little else than field work to do. I had a great deal of leisure time.” Fredrick Douglass a former black slave that was born on 1818-1895. He was born into slavery and his mother was barely in his life because she died while he was very young, also his father was assumed to be one of his plantation owners while he

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  • Analysis Of The Movie ' Million Dollar Baby '

    Million Dollar Baby tells the story of a young woman named Maggie Fitzgerald, whose dream is to become an elite female boxer. She faces many trials and tribulations along her way to the top, and receives much help and guidance from her eventual friend and coach, Frankie. The film has meaning that is much deeper than the simple tale of a female boxer, however, as it attempts to showcase the struggles a female athlete must endure in such a male-dominated field. The film is not specific on which the

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  • I Had A Rough Life

    I have had a rough life. I have been through a lot and I am ready to accept what has happened in the past. The idiots who called me names are gone. There is nothing I could gain from either yelling at them or beating the living day lights out of them. There were times that there were rumors that were spread about me like me being gay or not being able to get a girlfriend. Even though those rumors were false, I thought at the time everyone hated me and so I shut down emotionally. After that painful

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  • I Had A Skype Date With Zara Wasi

    this interview, I had a Skype date with Zara Wasi. She is a young female living and studying in New York, and she is also a Muslima. She is one of my Facebook friends. Even though I have never had met her personally, we have a mutual friend, who is from Bangladesh, and I have met him at a party. When I go through her pictures, I can see how strong her family bond is, but also that she lives in freedom and to the fullest extent. When the opportunity arises that I can go to New York, I definitely go

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  • I Had A Perfect Relationship

    I thought I had a perfect relationship after thirteen years together with Crystal not married, but yet happy didn’t think my relationship needed any work because we have seen many other people’s relationship fall apart. One of the most accurate ways to predict whether a marriage will last is to consider how negative a couple’s communication is while they are dating. (Alder, p. 240) Of course, some negative communication is to be expected. The important thing is to balance it with positive communication

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  • I Had A Terrible Experience

    One 's thing for sure is that I enjoyed English 102 way more than English 101. I had a terrible experience in English 101 and am still mad about the experience to this day. However, I greatly enjoyed my experience in my English 102 class. I loved almost every aspect of my English 102 class, including my teacher, classmates, and even work that was required. Through English 102, I have learned a lot about writing and can say without a doubt that it has made me into a better writer for many reasons

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  • I Have Had Some Amazing Family Members

    I have had some amazing family members. I have always been very close to both sets of grandparents. When my Mother 's parents passed away it devastated me. To this day, I feel as if they left the world entirely too early. I have had the greatest set of grandparents of all time. On my mother 's side was Floyce, and Harper. On my father 's side is Barbara, and Robert. I am not able to interview my mother 's parents, because they passed away. However, I would like to give you some information because

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