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  • The Day Like It Was Yesterday

    I remember the day like it was yesterday even though it 's been years ago after taking tests and physicals for over a year, staring at Asvab books and laptops that were not mine determining what my life was going to turn into. I then got the best/worst news of my life. I didn 't get accepted into the military, even though it was a huge relief to me I could tell my father was disappointed. Sitting on the couch, tossing around my white Iphone. I hear my phone ring I look down and the police are calling

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  • Graduation Speech - Original Writing

    across the stage and earned my high school diploma. That day had so many memorable moments. From having breakfast at my favorite place on earth, IHOP; nearly panicking that my dad may not be in the audience waiting for me to cross the stage; crying tears of joy the moment I saw my dad after my graduation was over, and out of all days, having the world’s worst headache the entire afternoon after graduation. I could go on about my Graduation Day, but that is a topic for another essay. Since graduating

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  • Graduation Speech : Summer Of 2011

    was to busy dealing with a difficult situation. I lost a very dear person in my life so unexpected, it hit us all like the freezing wind right after you walk out your warm house on a cold chilly winter day. At first I wanted answers. I asked God, why her? Why did you take her away from us? As days pass by I learned to live with her absence. Forever GONE. Gone. How could we live to experience something so hurtful? Will we ever forget? I thought to my self. Time will heal all wounds. At the time my

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  • Graduation Speech : Graduation Day

    Graduation Graduation day is a day that no one ever forgets, no matter how good or bad the experience. Most of us graduated with people we’ve been friends with since pre-k, others just joined in on the ride going into high school. Regardless, we’ve all been there before and we all have a story behind our graduation day. Mine wasn’t very welcoming. Our whole class was upset because the class before ours had an amazing graduation inside Eastern’s sports bubble. Unfortunately, the money our senior

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  • Graduation Speech : High School Graduation

    High school graduation is one of the most contradictory stages of life. It is a time of exciting new beginnings as well as sentimental endings. On this day, we envision our futures while simultaneously celebrating the past two decades of our lives. We spend the day commending the many successes we have attained and dreaming of the abounding accomplishments hope to achieve. Amidst the excitement of planning our futures, we must remember to reminisce on the experiences and aspects of our lives that

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  • Graduation Speech : A Day Of My Life

    my special day with friends and family. Cliché, I know. Which is why for my 18th birthday I decided to get risky. Thrill rides and adventures have always fed my soul, but going to an amusement park seemed overplayed. I wanted to do something new and exciting. Skydiving seemed like the perfect avenue for what my inner thrill-junkie craved. It was March 27, 2014. I would say that I woke up like my seven-year-old self on Christmas, but I probably didn’t sleep that night. I knew this day would be one

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  • Graduation Speech : Education And Education

    until they attend a university do they really appreciate all that education has to offer them. The cost of education just continues to get higher for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, which sets them back further in their success upon graduation because of crippling student debt. It is pertinent that students, including myself learn to appreciate the free education that they are offered early on in their academic career. In addition, there needs to be more of an emphasis on learning the

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  • The Day Of The Columbus Service Day

    which are recycle, reduce and reuse to have a sustainable environment and apply them constantly. I based my project on these three values as the main purpose to make a difference in this unsustainable world. I participated in the Columbus Service Day, where volunteers went to different places to help not only the community, but also the environment. My project was based on sorting used clothes. I went to a donation house in which they receive new and used clothes. I had to identify whether it

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  • Graduation Speech - Original Writing

    otifications asking “where he had been?” Some time had passed it was the big day, the one everyone was waiting for, Graduation Day he wondered if his mom would be able to show up, as he was walking down the gym floor he saw his family with his mom waving at him and his mom was in tears, knowing this might be her last graduation for him, she thought about all the things she might miss like his college graduation, marriage, Grandkids. She couldn 't stop crying at all, through the whole thing. When

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  • Graduation Speech : Are You Prepare?

    across the stage and earned my high school diploma. That day had so many memorable moments. From having breakfast at my favorite place on earth, IHOP; nearly panicking that my dad may not be in the audience waiting for me to cross the stage; crying tears of joy the moment I saw my dad after my graduation was over, and out of all days, having the world’s worst headache the entire afternoon after graduation. I could go on about my Graduation Day, but that is a topic for another essay. Since graduating

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  • Graduation Speech : The Most Important Day Of My Life

    Graduation was the most important day in my life. I waited for this amazing day for 12 years to reach up my dream and move on to college. For most of the people, graduation is a memorial day that it is hard for me to forget even after hundred years later. The day I woke up realizing it is my graduation day I was smiling all day long knowing that I made all my family proud of me. Graduation day is even to remember of: my party, cake, dress, makeup, hair, cap and gown and gifts that I got from family

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  • A Prayer Day And A Blessing Day

    Sunday is a very pleasure day and a blessing day because I got an opportunity to praise the God and to visit the church. God give people six days and only Sunday God want people to take time to praise the lord in this blessing day. A church is the very special and peaceful place for Christian. People go there to learn the wisdom of God, to pray and to get the blessing. It is mandatory and very important for Christian to go to church and pray to closer their life with God. A good Christianity will

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  • The Day Of A Seven Day Cycle

    The Sabbath is a day of rest and worship for the Lord that falls on the seventh day of a seven day cycle. As the details within the commandment explain, the rest day started from the very beginning when God finished His creation in six days and rested on the seventh day (King James Version, Gen. 2.1-3). Rest is a recognition of God: ceasing usual labour to recognize Him as sovereign (Massee 58). For Israel, the Sabbath had special significance; as it was a law, both civil and religious (Massee 61)

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  • Graduation Speech : My Family

    family was the largest. I received a lot of flak from my friends about my family especially whenever I had to babysit my siblings, but I always enjoyed getting to hang out with my siblings when my parents were gone. After the graduation ceremony was over, I went to a few graduation parties with my friends but returned home after a few hours to study. I walked in the door of my house and greeted my siblings. I noticed my mom and one of my brothers was gone, but I dismissed any worry. I changed into

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  • Graduation Speech : An Academic Path Toward Graduation

    are on how to graduate with all of my required courses, how to make use of co-curricular activities to increase my competitiveness in the workforce, and how to survive the college experience in a healthy method. Planning an academic path toward graduation When I first came to the University of California (UC) at Santa Cruz, I was surprised and excited to find out that there are many people who are doing the same major that I am doing, computer science. I am excited, but also worried, about my major

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  • A Day Of Leaning A Successful Day

    Reflection Regardless of whatever I do I always try to improve myself. I will never be perfect, but I will always continue to strive for perfection. I go out of my way to make sure that I am learning something almost everyday. I consider a day of leaning a successful day. Even if I learn how to use a new button on a copying machine, its still something new to me that I can use. Sometimes my motive for learning is not always because I want to become a better employee though, sometimes its because I want

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  • Personal Narrative - Graduation Day Essay example

    Graduation Day It was one of the most exciting and nerve racking days of our lives. Although we were finally leaving high school, the feeling of being unsure didn’t go away. The whole day was full of practicing for the big moment when the entire class graduated on to a new beginning. All the girls wore shiny bright red robes and the guys were dressed in a shiny navy blue. Standing there, I had no idea what to expect. Some things I were aware of, my friends were leaving and we wouldn’t be the same

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  • Graduation Speech : Graduation Day

    Graduation Day One cloudy morning towards the end of May came graduation day; it was an emotional and special day for my parents as their first oldest child would be graduating with great accomplishments in both sports and academics. My family and I were ready to head towards the high school as I am anxiously waiting, I slipped on my gold and rhinestone heels with a dress that had matched beautifully. Leaving my house while my parents drove, they had dropped me off at the front of the school when

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  • Essay on Graduation Speech

    Hello, Class of 2012. We're graduating. June 12 is the day we have worked toward for the past 12 years. We have reached the time where we say good-bye to Hayes and hello to our futures outside its hallowed walls. Our teachers have taught all they can about life's many obstacles and pitfalls, and even taught us a few tricks on how to work them out. Every year we have met new teachers who have made such an impact on our lives that we keep in contact throughout the years. They gave us memories

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  • The Last Day By Alex Holland

    The Last Day The Last Day follows Alex Holland 's last day of high school and the choices he must make about what type of person he wants to become. Opposing forces pull him towards different paths but by the end of the day he will make choices that will make huge impact on his future Act I: Alex 's last day of high school begins like any other; he wakes up, gets ready for school, has breakfast with his parents, and then off to school. At breakfast his parents tell him they are proud of him, but

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  • Graduation Speech : High School

    The Next Chapter CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2015!!! Pictures flashing, hands clapping all around in celebration of the life time milestone that is the graduation of High School. With a veriety of outcomes for the respective five hundred graduates, what they all had in common was the closing of the same chapter in the books that make up there lives. With the closing of one chapter, another one naturally opens. While I was excited to finally be done with high school, I was nervous for the

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  • Graduation Speech : High School Graduation

    High school graduation is an important milestone in the lives of most American teenagers. At the same time, for many young people graduation also represents the first step in their educational advancement as they prepare to go on to college. Many will start their college education at the community college level, while others will go directly into a four-year institution. How do students and their families make this important decision? After doing some research, students may discover that community

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  • Graduation Speech : High School

    I eyed the senior class of 2015 from the doorway and imagined I was a comma after a long line of capitals. The faces in front of me were not those of freshman, they were older, calmer and, when I had walked into their class, had been discussing graduation. I felt lost. Somewhere, I had missed a memo, or made the wrong turn, I had ended up in the wrong classroom. In contrast, the senior class in front of me seemed more comfortable with the unknown. Where I faced high school, they were matched with

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  • Graduation Speech : Graduation Party Scene

    SHOT LIST: The Graduate - Graduation Party Scene Shot: 1. Time: 1 min 28 sec. Shot Size: Close-up and Medium close-up. A close-up of Ben sitting in his own room. Ben is placed in the middle of the shot in focus. There is a well-lit aquarium behind him that takes up the whole background. In it, on the right side of Ben, there is fish, on the left side there is a scuba diver that blows bubbles to the surface. Ben’s face is lit on the left side while his right side is dark. He’s wearing a white shirt

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  • Graduation Speech : New School

    Good evening my fellow classmates, parents, guardians, and teachers. Welcome to Delphi’s graduation for the best graduating class in the world, today, right now, June 29th, 2016. Thank you for the honour of being named your valedictorian. I am very grateful and excited to be here, (but if this goes poorly, remember, I nominated Riley. If this goes well, I will certainly do speeches for your birthdays, baptisms, family reunions, all those shindigs. Just call me over and we can work out pricing later

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  • Graduation Speech

    Sasenarine Tomby Graduation Speech 2011 Good afternoon [name of members of the head table], teachers, parents, students, fellow graduates and distinguished guests. I must first and foremost thank God for this blessing and honor to stand before you today as Valedictorian of the Class of 2011. Yet, today is not only my day to shine. Every graduate present here is deserving of high praise and recognition and I would like to congratulate each of you on reaching this milestone in life. I

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  • Graduation Speech : High School

    understand what they’re learning. If not then the teacher has to reteach the same material, which wastes time. It’s not just the student’s homework or activities that are stressing them out though, the school day itself is playing a large part. Alexis Wiggins, a teacher, spent two days following around a 12th and 10th grader. What she found out shocked her: 1) Sitting is exhausting. It is difficult for the brain to keep the body awake and then also pay attention to the material that they’re supposed

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  • Graduation Speech : My School

    “Good morning, please rise for the Pledge of Allegiance and our morning prayer,” the words that echoed through my quaint little grade school every morning- ones that I will not soon forget. From age four to age fourteen, my school day invariably began with these words. From my childhood years up to my early teenage years, I attended Holy Family School, a remarkably small, close-knit private school which seemed appropriate for the town of 4,000 people that it was situated in. The ten years I spent

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  • Graduation Speech - Original Writing

    It all started on a fairly normal fall afternoon, I wasn’t really expecting much on that day. This was during the first week of December, and who would’ve of known that was going to be a heavy month for me. I was in all the classes I love like yearbook which I was in for two years and also future internship program which I thought a 2nd grade bilingual class, which I adore. It really couldn’t get any better for me both of those classes is something I would love to peruse as a career. The morning

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  • Graduation Speech : High School

    Parents send their children to school five out of seven days in a week and one-hundred eighty days a year for twelve consistent years. This creates a chance for many high school students to attain the basic education before entering the workforce or continuing to higher education such as university colleges. Although students spend four years preparing for college in high school, students only learn the basic knowledge they need to succeed in college. Also, high school teachers are too lenient with

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  • Graduation Speech : Transfer Student

    highest average of the entire school. I remember that day since it was yesterday when graduating and moving to become a freshman and before reeving my certificates that when the super attendant of Harlingen HCISD. I remember getting a nighty-seven or above on everything I ever did but to say that I did have my down falls which were mostly eighties but never the less that is how I was recommended to attend early college high school. My first day was the worst everybody thought they were better and

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  • Graduation Speech : My Goals

    a strong motivating factor to work hard to meet my end result. In order to complete my main goal, I have applied my wants into the Management Model. Thus, I am able to see a clear picture of the steps I will take to meet my goal. My main goal of graduation is preceded by short term goals I have set. A short term goal I have recently accomplished is being accepted into the Community Health Sciences program for the upcoming winter 2016 term. This goal is the beginning step for achieving my final desire

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  • Graduation Speech : High School

    high school life. High school was so stressful to me; my freshmen, year I had to wake up early almost every day. My sophomore year, teachers would treat their students like little kids. On my junior year, I did not have enough time to hang out with friends thanks to all the homework teachers would assign me. My senior year went by so fast, every day I would look forward to graduation day. The day I finally graduated from high school was one of the happiest moments of my life. Not having to think about

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  • Graduation Speech : High School

    Throughout high school, I was told the deadline to knowing what my future was going to hold was on graduation day. I found out that was not completely true. I received the determination for furthering my education during my semester off at work. I worked daily between hours eight am to three pm. After three pm then came in the high school and college students. Between eight am and three pm time frame there were generally people over forty working. I work at a grocery store and I stood at the

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  • Graduation Speech : High School

    house. Graduation high school isn’t end, it’s only the beginning, before we graduate high school, and we all need to be college ready. A lot of our teachers are preparing us for college and they are teaching the students what will be taught in college and what we will expect. College is very different than high school. In college there is way more work we have to do in college than in high school. In college there is second chance. If the professor says that a homework assignment is due one day, then

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  • Graduation Speech Essay

    Congratulations everyone, congratulations. If you're participating in this graduation ceremony, you've taken the next step toward your future goals and dreams. For those of you that just finished your transfer degrees, congratulations. To those of you that came back to school after a few years off to get a better education, congratulations. To those of you that came to get a certificate or learn IT or computer programming so you can get a better job, congratulations. Now that you're moving on

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  • Graduation Speech : High School

    can’t believe I’m officially a graduated student! It feels so surreal.” She was so excited and happy for me, but I couldn’t help but feel that my graduation was not as life-changing as I expected it to be. Why did I feel dissatisfied? In the moment after hugging her I remember thinking back to my first day of the school year and how I had felt that day. *** After finishing my classes for the morning, I began walking up four flights

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  • Graduation Speech Essay

    been through a lot together. But tonight is not only a celebration of the end of high school, it is a celebration of the beginning of our future. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. We, the Class of 2006, have chosen "Change The World" as our graduation theme. I think this is the perfect choice for our class, because we will do just that. Our class is very special. We have been leaders in every aspect of our school

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  • Graduation Speech : High School

    need to have for graduation out of the way, but then the next year their throwing new computer, physical education or even health classes at you. More things to add to the list of classes to not only finish but pass. Yes, pass you can’t just take those classes and fail them you have to pass them to graduate or guess what, you get to take them over and over again until you do pass them. Now, guess what? There also trying to throw out of school “classes” that you need for graduation, like community

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  • Graduation Speech : Independence Day

    Independence Day, July Second 1776 July Fourth in the United States of America is the day that we as a nation celebrate our independence from the British Empire. Although Independence Day is celebrated on July Fourth, it should be celebrated on July Second, because that is the day that congress truly motioned for independence. There are many factors that led to July Fourth becoming the national holiday celebrated today. From misconceptions about the actual day of signing the Declaration, to delayed

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  • Graduation Speech By George Saunders

    The one day that most college students look forward during their college life is graduation day. Graduation is the day that all of the stress of getting that paper in on time, studying for finals, or hoping that you passed all of your classes comes to an end. George Saunders, a professor at Syracuse University, gives the commencement speech to the graduating class of 2013. In his speech, he has very important advice for the students on becoming a kinder person instead of giving them a speech on how

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  • Essay on maya Angelou Graduation

    09/19/2014 Maya Angelou - Graduation Graduation is an important transition time in every person’s life. It is about moving on to something better and more important and to use your knowledge to achieve life goals. This is what the children attending the grammar school believed as well, including Maya Angelou. Given from her point of view, the story Graduation has ethos because as an African American girl, she shared the same thoughts and feelings as everyone standing on the stage or in

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  • Graduation Speech : Commencement Speech

    Commencement Day I purchased the perfect dress to celebrate one of the greatest accomplishments of my life, thus far. The dress was a fitted, asymmetrical, cream, and covered with large, woven, black roses, for which I worked extra hours at Abercrombie to just afford. Along with the extravagant dress, I purchased the perfect cream, strappy, open toed heels. The hair, nails, and makeup appointment were set. I was not the only one preparing for this day. My aunt had also gathered the most perfect

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  • Graduation Speech At The University Of Washington

    perfect fit for. I’m a senior at the University of Washington completing an English major with a minor in History. This is my second year at the University of Washington, I came in as a first year junior transfer student last year. My expected date of graduation is the summer of 2016, which makes the spring in London program my last chance to participate in this once in a lifetime experience. I’m applying to the study abroad program in London because of my desire to study overseas because it is such an

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  • Graduation Speech - Original Writing

    for guidance to choose the right one I remember one day after 3rd grade I came home with a page of the continents. Thinking they were really easy I blew it off and didn’t study for the quiz the next day. Not studying showed when I received my quiz back. That day I walked home and showed my mom. My mom looked so disappointed and upset that after dinner, she made me go to my room and study the continents over and over for almost 2 hours! The next day at school, I got to retake my quiz and my score improved

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  • My First Day Of Graduation Speech

    excited and relieved at the same time. Today is our first day of graduation practice. We are so excited that we are doing little practice and more talking, laughing, jumping up and down, and crying tears of joy. We know in a few months some of us will be in other states and cities furthering our education. We’re in the hot gymnasium full of bleachers, basketball goals, and a brown stage going over the seating arrangement and program for graduation. The Bahamas were all I could think about. The sandy beaches

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  • Graduation Speech : College Students

    For a recently-transferred high school graduate, college can be overwhelming, with so much to do and seemingly little time to do it all. In order to make the most of my time in college and prepare myself for life after graduation, I will need to do well in class and employ my extracurricular activities wisely. Despite only being a part of the post-high school life for three weeks, I have learned that going to college can be a fun and exciting time, especially if I am committed to being successful

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  • Growing Stronger Day By Day

    Growing Stronger Day by Day One average June day, my family and I excitedly prepared for another summer camping trip. My dad decided to forge ahead to the river where he would wait for us to arrive. I could not imagine that anything spectacular would happen, but I was most definitely mistaken. My life would change forever in what seemed a blink of an eye. That day would test my moral character, for that day my parents gave me a scar that forever changed my life. As a young boy, my life was

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  • Graduation Speech : My Senior Year

    year was filled with many "first last" days of school, pep-rallies, class meetings, and of course Friday night football games. At the end of it, I can say that my dream did come true, my senior year became my most memorable year. From the good to the bad, I was able to complete my last year of high school. I still remember being a freshman and thinking that my senior year was so far away. Forward 4 years later, and there I was, standing at my high school graduation. My last week of school was very awaited

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  • Graduation Speech : School Education

    Sabella & Hart, 2015, p. 48). One day in class, she introduced everyone to a caterpillar she caught and let us view it everyday to see the different cycles of the butterfly. All of the students in class chattered about the butterfly in the end, while Ms. Amy knew we would glued to the progression of the insect. Ms. Amy taught about miniature life cycles and broadened our minds of wonderful events that happened to animals (Bolick, Cooper, & Ryan, 2016, p. 0000). On graduation, Ms. Amy gave me her phone number

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