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  • Should The Year Tuition Be Free?

    like this are common among younger students, most drop out or are engulfed in student debt they won’t be able to pay back in years. If two year college were free, then the public would be more educated. With free college the crime rates would lower and more students who wouldn’t have a chance or want to go to college now can. Two year tuition should be free for lower to working class students because of how far behind the United States is on education, statistics and proven studies to show the crime

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  • Should Community Colleges Be Tuition Free?

    The website college view gives us some sort of estimate on a four year institution “The College Board reports that the avenge cost of one year of in-state tuition and fees at a public four year school is $8,655. Tack on another $9,205 in room and board costs you’re looking at an average yearly bill of $17,860.” With that information about a four year institution students end up paying all their four years the price of 71,440 that is just an estimate that I just made because there are some schools

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  • Should College Education Be Free?

    Should college education be free for all U.S. citizens? How are free universities in Germany and other European countries benefiting these countries and students? Imagine how the U.S. would benefit from free college education. How many more students we would have that actually finish college and not only that, but don’t have a huge debt to pay back afterwards. Other than the fact that yes, if there was free college less students would take it as a joke like if it were high school. In the bright

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  • Community College Should Be Free Nationwide

    down is the amount one has to pay for tuition. President Obama proposed a plan with an objective of having the number of people with college degree increase, and in order to do this he is proposing to making community college free. There is a wide range of people who agree and disagree with President Obama’s plan, I personally believe that community college should be free nationwide. It all comes down to a student 's income status and the resources that are offered to them. Undocumented people

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  • Should Public College Tuition Be Free?

    they needed to start saving for my college. That seemed unimportant to me because I knew that I wouldn’t start college for many years. Both of my parents went to college without having a large financial backing so the concept of saving for college never seemed relevant to me. When I was a little bit older, I began to understand why it was important to start saving money. My uncle, who became an optometrist, had many financial difficulties because of his college expenses. After graduating, he had

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  • Should College Be Free For People With Low Income?

    Why should college be free for people with low income? If college were free, there would be a higher percentage of people who graduate from college. Everyone should get a chance to get a higher education without paying. If students have been going to school for free, they should not have to start paying for school when they graduate. Having to pay tuition will be a big change for a person who usually does not have to pay to go to school. College should be free for people who have low income

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  • Free College Tuition Should Be Provided Because

    A college education is becoming a necessity in today’s economy. Students throughout the country are concentrating on their academics and are endeavoring to receive perfect grades all in hopes of taking their education to a new level. However, financing each student’s education has become difficult in today’s economy. Thus, many students, parents, and politicians are pushing for free college tuition to be granted in the near future. Free college tuition should be provided because it will encourage

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  • Should College Be Free?

    Should college be free? General Purpose: To persuade the audience to not support the idea of free college Specific Purpose: To persuade the audience to support the idea that college should cost money and there are resources to reduce or eliminate the cost of college. INTRODUCTION A. Attention Gainer: Who here played or had a family member that played for the billion-dollar Powerball lottery? “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that 's the stuff life is made of.” -Benjamin Franklin

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  • Persuasive Speech On Why College Shouldn 't Be Free

    In my Persuasive Speech on the topic of Why College Shouldn’t be Free? I felt like my overall speech was honestly pretty genuine and had a really good point of view on the topic that made it very relatable to the audience. If I had to narrow it down to 3 things that I needed to work on it would be: pacing back and forth, rambling and finishing my speech off better with a good conclusion. On the brighter side of things my better things that I did were: Being calm and collected throughout the speech

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  • Should College Tuition Be Free College?

    sort of college degree, but what if somebody can’t afford college tuition? College classes can be very expensive and daunting, causing high school graduates to doublethink about whether or not they want to pursue a career in college. “Free college” seems to be the answer; but where will the funding for free college come from? Will more people be willing to attend college if it is “free”? Also, will people that already have their degrees be downgraded since everybody will have a college education

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  • Should College Athletes Get Free Labor?

    millions watched. The student athletes put in all the work and they don 't even get a penny. By looking how much time college athletes devote their time and energy to their teams, and in return the teams often receive a great deal of money, one can see that college athletes doing free labor, this is important because college athletes need to get paid for their labor. College sports that are major such as basketball and football generate billions for the. National Collegiate Athletic Association(

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  • Free Speech on College Campuses

    Kenzie Winkler Due: May 16th 2011 WR 122/ Wilde Final Essay #2 Importance of ‘Free Speech’ College is a time when most individuals are experiencing major changes and begin to explore new perspectives. The transition in becoming more independent, creating new insights and peer influence are key factors in changing the perspective of an individual. Students are faced with new ideas from their professors, family and fellow peers. Through that acquired knowledge many students decide that they either

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  • Free Public College Offers Benefits For The Economy

    Third, free public college offers many benefits for the economy. First, state tax revenue will rise as a result of free public college. This will happen when the numbers of graduates increases. Due that increasing the number, wages will rise and the standard of living will increase and create a higher level of spending from college students. In the end, all that spending goes directly to the country’s economy and affects the state budget by increasing their income. Second, with free public education

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  • Why or Why Not College Should Be Free

    Some countries have free education from kindergarten to university, while students in other countries have to pay at every step of the way. This essay will look at some of the reasons for this difference at university level. Free third level education has several advantages. First of all, everyone can attend, so the gap between rich and poor students decreases as poorer students have more opportunity. The economy also benefits from the increased pool of highly educated labor. An educated workforce

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  • The Price Of College For College

    The Price of College College can be an extremely big adjustment for most high school graduates so it is important that universities help make this transition as easy as possible. Pre-paid meal plans should be an option, not a requirement for all upcoming freshmen at colleges. Almost all universities require their freshmen to live in dorms and purchase a meal plan to eat on campus. Although this can be a convenience to some, others may not want or feel the need to purchase a meal plan due to money

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  • Graduation Speech For Free Community College

    Overworked. Stressed. Broke. There are many college students that share these feelings and are agonizing each semester. It is said that college is supposed to be one of the greatest time in one 's life, so why are students on pins and needles while getting a better education? The classes themselves are not the main stress factor, the issue lies within paying the tuition. If President Obama 's proposal for free community college is passed not only would be beneficial for the students, it would positively

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  • Should College For College If It Was Free?

    to attend college if it was free? There is a majority of adults that do not go to college because of the continuing growing costs of college. If the fees are reduced, will this provide a chance for more adults to attend college? Do we want to have costs be the ultimate deciding factor of if we continue educating ourselves or not? Personally, I would not want this to be a deciding factor for myself, nor anyone I know. Why does education need to cost so much? How can adults go to college and get a

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  • Free College Vs. Free Education

    year of high school schooling is free besides school fees and other costs, but higher education expenses are skyrocketing and more individuals are deciding not to attend. The trouble is so many students who are capable of pursuing a college degree decide to drop out because the cost is too high. This is where the free education proposal comes in. Throughout the years, arguments are supplemented to the government to pass or end the free college education proposal. Free education does sound rather obliging

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  • Should College Be Free College?

    A huge debate that is always under discussion is free college, whether a family can afford it or not. Many people would be able to benefit from this, in cases where everyone can attain their goals. Also most people would be able to believe in themselves, and know they are capable of achieving more than they believe they can. Jamal Eric Watson author of the academic journal article “A Bold Promise” states, “As the cost of a college education continues to rise, Haslam’s legislation has generated

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  • The Benefits Of Free College

    the United States doesn’t offer free tuition for higher education to college of the Democratic Party presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who is vowing for “free” college tuition if he is elected. Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, is proposing a plan that could possibly make paying back the entirety of student loans a thing of the past, but many economists, business leaders and Republican presidential candidates feel differently about the benefits of “free college”. Should the Democratic Party

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  • Should College Be Free College?

    global economy of the world, a decade long pattern of studies shows that college fee has increased more drastically than almost any other inflations ever since its commencement. Right to education, a universal entitlement to education, needless to say is of dire importance in today’s modern world, but whether everybody has the privilege of this fundamental right is the today’s concern. Often cited as the career defining path, college education is not accessible to everybody and this in long run comes

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  • Is Tuition Free College?

    abundant amount of American and international young adults that are about to become college freshman in the fall of 2016. Those young adults who are going to be college freshman should be aware of who is proposing tuition-free college to those who wish to attend higher education facilities. High end college costs has been a big topic of discussion during the presidential primaries this year, with a large amount of college students graduating with substantial debt rates, now seems to be the time that

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  • Free College Tuition Is Not Economically Feasible For State Government

    state government to cover the cost of its residents’ tuition. The second reason is because college and university faculty and staff are already being underpaid for their work and free tuition would further cut their salaries. The third reason is that free college tuition would put taxpayers at a disadvantage because they would be the ones who were really funding this free education—nothing in life is ever truly free. In 1976, the Commonwealth of Virginia established a goal of tuition cost sharing, called

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  • Should College Be Free College?

    Final Research Paper Today high school graduates should have an opportunity to go to college for free, so they can look forward to a bigger future and better job opportunities in life. Having free college can be beneficial by bringing in even more young adults who are interested to further their education more and to help the lower class have their higher education too. Free college may be beneficial but it also come with problems or even alternatives. But that doesn 't mean we should stop this

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  • College Is Different From College

    College is different from College because there are multiple differences between the two. Like for example In High school the reading, course load and different class setting. I disagree with the American Psychological Association article, where other students say in high school you barely read at all, and in college you have to read more. I disagree with that because when I was in high school you had to read all the time. Whether a book or a lesson. Both are pretty much the same thing, except in

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  • Should College Tuition Free College?

    focus on making college tuition free and follow in the footstep of Germany. The problem is, free tuition in Germany is not working out as well as it was supposed to according the Yale Free Press. Students in college are somehow paying for it or getting help to pay for college. They are most likely working and paying their way, their parents are helping them out, they have taken out loans, or maybe they are getting financial aid. No matter what they are doing, somehow their college is being paid

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  • Free College Tuition And The High Cost Of Canadian Education

    Free College Tuition In this world there are so many talented people who have the ability to take part of having an education yet it’s so devastating because many of these brilliant people end of being in the streets, being in gangs and selling drugs. Why do these people do this? It’s because of they want to end their worries and their financial anxiety. These people can’t afford to put their minds to use to become something because of the high cost of Canadian education. If Canada would make tuition

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  • Why Community Colleges Should Be Free Of Tuition

    Community College Access” There is a bill that is being proposed and that is to give free tuition for community colleges, but there is an argument that since tuition is averaged around $3300 they also give pell grants and other grants to poor and working class students that they get more out of it. When you talk about money it plays a big role. There is money being involved and when there is it will have an affect how education is maintained. There are students who go to college and when they

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  • Free Tuition Is Too Expensive, Sen. Sanders Plans For Tuition Free College

    vying for Marco Rubio 's Senate seat said that though college tuition is too expensive, Sen. Bernie Sanders plans for tuition-free college don 't add up. “As much as I respect Mr. Sanders … I think if he’s going to offer free tuition, something is wrong with that idea,” said Senate candidate Dwight Young, a Pinellas County sheriff’s deputy. “I don’t see where we are going to get the money to afford it.” The University of Central Florida College Republicans invited all Republican candidates to debate

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  • Should College Education Be Free?

    Does having free College education accessible to everyone make college more appealing? Would having free college education draw in more students to take classes? Would the percent of students graduating in upcoming years rise if schooling was free? Really no one knows the answers because college is far from being free. Today the rising cost of a college education is alarming, after high school many students dream of being able to attend the college that they most desire, but very few of them can

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  • Is Tuition Free College?

    nationwide tuition free college. President 's and presidential candidates are talking about it and many people are listening to it and are liking the idea. But this raises more questions than just is tuition free college a good idea? The questions that are raised are how will this affect the economy, how will we fund these colleges, and what will happen to private colleges that are not tuition free? Will the quality of degrees offered by both tuition free and private colleges be higher or lower?

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  • Should College Tuition Free College?

    there isn’t but there surly is paying for a college education is just like paying to have a better life, so is it really worth it? Graduating high school is a stepping stone for most people and is a wonderful moment in life. Transitioning from high school to adulthood can have many complications to it and one of them is going off to college with it being so exciting and a great experience it can come with many hardships on its own and one is paying for college and the things you may need while there

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  • Analysis Of Paul Pain 's Article ' Two Years Of Free Community College '

    In Paul Pain’s article “Two Years of Free Community College” tells about President Obama’s proposal to make community college free for two years for students. This would provide a higher education to be more accessible to people who want to further their education. Pain quotes Obama, “To make sure that community college was accessible to everyone…free for everybody who’s willing to work for it” (Para 2). The plan was based upon Tennessee’s Promise, where ninety percent of its 60,000 graduates

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  • Should College Be Free College?

    Picking out a college is exciting and most of us had a vision of what university we will be going to since we were ten years old. We get that fancy acceptance letter and everything is set to go and then you see the bill of your first semester, should you still go or should you find a cheaper alternative? It seems that most students stick with their dream college, then they will be able to find a job as soon as they have graduated and then start paying it all off. This conclusion comes from the 1

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  • Benefits Of Tuition Free College Tuition

    Free College Tuition In today 's competitive work field it is harder than ever to get a well-paying job without a college degree. Nevertheless the price of college tuition increases every year, leaving students to confined in student loans. The United States should make college tuition-free. Wiener reports, "The mother of all problems in higher education today is high tuition at public colleges and universities" (224) This is cause for concern, shouldn’t education be accessible to those who want

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  • Should Free College Education Be Allowed?

    applying to college, but are denied a scholarship and you as a parent must pay in full in order for them to get an education. As frustrating as that is, also think about how the Governor of New York state wants you a tax payer, a parent to also pay for the education for inmates in prison. You have no say in the matter, your tax dollars are taken from you and are given to prisons for those who commit crimes to get a free college education on your dime. Despite those who say giving inmates free education

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  • Should College Be Free?

    “‘Education has always been the secret sauce, the secret to America’s success,’ he said” (Baskin Obama pushes free, two-year college plan at Michigan speech) Many of todays significant leaders have expansive college degrees in business and politics, but for many this is out of reach. Todays cost of a college degree stands at $137,000 a premium price for such a standard necessity. So how in one of the worlds most privileged and advanced nations do graduated students accumulate over one trillion dollars

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  • Sample Resume For Free College Tuition

    Assignment 1 Norbet, Michel. “This State Offered Free College Education. Here’s What Happened.” The Daily Signal. 22 Feb. 2016. Web. 24 Feb. 2016 This article by Michel Norbet is about free tuition to college. He explains that a program called TOPS or Taylor Opportunity Program for Students is a program where students can receive free tuition to any Louisiana public college. Anyone that has a 2.5 GPA and has at least an 18 ACT is qualified to receive

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  • Free Community College : The Pathway For A Better Future?

    Free Community College “The pathway for a better future?” Community college has always been a great option for many people who would like to continue going to school after graduating high school or after a long break from not going to school only to pursue a secondary education. Even though college education has been around for a great amount of time there was to be a great amount of people that have never come to mind why college education is something very important to have some experience to have

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  • Tuition Free Community College

    proposal “tuition-free community college” you suggested early this year that you would make two years of community college free and nationwide available to students in the United States. In other words, you wanted to provide millions of Americans more affordable access to a community college education that you called a "ticket to the middle class.” I agree with you that free tuition college will improve individual’s life in many ways. I assume that when college education is free, there will be more

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  • Should Community College Be Free?

    When I was attending Mercer Island High School my teachers were stressing the fact that you need to go to college. I didn’t only hear it from them; I also heard this from my parents and counselors. I couldn’t understand why it was so important at the time because I was more into playing sports and being a child or young adult if you will. After my senior year it began to click on why it was so important to go to school because you could start to build your life. Or as Thomas Friedman says in his

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  • Free College Is Not The Blessing

    Free College is Not the Blessing It Seems to Be An Analysis of Why College Shouldn’t Be Free As Millennial’s we feel as though we’ve been cheated. It seems to a majority of us that the world is out to get us, and that all the odds are stacked against us. There are not enough middle class jobs, student loan debt is crushing us, the post 9/11 level of security has the country on lockdown, as well as a variety of other reasons. One of the issues that puts a damper on the spirit of our generation are

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  • A Proposal For College Tuition Free

    During the presidential campaign, Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders purposes a plan for college tuition free. He suggests that public colleges and universities in the United States should be charge free. The federal government has made over $110 billion dollars through student loan, so Senator Sander suggests that the government should cut the interest rate of student loan from 4.29% to just 2.37%. In current economy, the interest rate of auto-loan is 2.5% on average, so students should not pay

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  • Free Speech On College Campuses

    The topic of free speech on college campuses currently has been a huge hot button issue in the media, especially in the United States. The controversy this topic brings is deeply rooted in the history of not only higher education, but in the history of the development of this country. Often people are all for freedom of speech, until someone speaks out against them (as a person) or one of their core beliefs. In an effort to give full disclosure here, I believe that I should state that directly

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  • Free Public College Education?

    Free Public College Education? “Students from more than 100 American universities united in a Million Student March to protest over tuition fees, student debt and higher wages for campus workers.” There have been debates about public college tuition in recent years. In the article, “Bernie 's Bad College Idea”, by Kevin James agrees that free higher public education is not a good idea. Public college education should not be free and instead college tuition should increase to ensure the best possible

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  • Is Free Community College Worth The Cost?

    Is Free Community College Worth the Cost? The American dream, the idea every man and woman can be wealthy and successful if they want it bad enough, has been paraded as an always realistic goal if one is willing to work hard enough, but the simplicity of this statement overlooks how often hard work no longer equals success. As the times have changed simply being willing to work hard and long is not the defining characteristic that determines success. Success does take hard work, however as the twentieth

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  • College Athletes And College Students

    If you follow college basketball closely you will know of the one and done rule that plagues players and college universities. If you have never heard of this rule it basically states that any player wanting to go into the NBA must first complete one year of college. According to Alex Berg of USA Today, the NCAA has drifted away further than ever from the literal meaning of student-athletes. Now, high-profile basketball players are being treated as guests(Berg). This can cause the university 's graduation

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  • College Vs. College Athletes

    prestigious college or university. Many factors go into their decision making process such as: tuition, distance, and fields of study. With all of that taken into account many students still have one criteria to be met before they make their decision and that, put simply, is college proficiency in the sports. With that knowledge, many college administrations seek out the best players and try to entice them dreams of money, fame and grandeur that will come after combining a free (or reduced) college education

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  • The Plan For A Community College Free And Universal

    "Inside Obama 's Proposal to Make Community College Free and Universal." NBC News. 9 Jan. 2015. Web. 3 Mar. 2015. President Obama claims that we need to, “make 2 years of college education free and universal.” Funding for all of this will be coming from the federal government and the state to pay for everything in those 2 years for each individual student who needed it. This is beneficial for the average college student by saving them around $3,800 in college expenses. Lower class Americans who could

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  • Prison Should Not Receive A Free College Education

    College is a place where students who have successfully completed high school go to extend their knowledge and eventually earn a degree. College is only available to deserving, well-rounded, and deserving students. Once a student proves he or she is worthy of a college education, he or she spends thousands of dollars each year to earn a degree. So is someone who is in prison because and committed illegal acts a deserving, well-rounded, and dedicated student? That person is in jail as a punishment

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