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    and all, but what happens when these individuals are abusing these phones and using them while they are driving? Sending text messages distracts the drivers eyes, placing calls diverts their attention, and application usage is a huge distraction all on its own. There should be no question about it; cell phone use should be banned when behind the wheel of a car! How can one focus on driving if their attention is diverted to the phone to try and read a text message, or to try to send a text message

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  • The Effects Of Driving While Impaired Driving

    “In 2014, 9,967 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes, accounting for nearly one-third (31%) of all traffic-related deaths in the United States” (Impaired Driving: Get the Facts). Looking at this statistic, which is one of many, driving while impaired is an enormous problem. There are ways to decrease the numbers significantly, these should, and need to be looked into. With people being unaware of the issue, they aren’t trying to help solve this issue, it will continue to get worse

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  • Drunk Drivers Should Be Imprisoned in the 1st Offence Essay

    DRUNK DRIVERS SHOULD BE IMPIRSONED ON THE FIRST OFFENCE Drunk driving is the criminal offence of driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) level higher than the local legal limit. The blood alcohol content (BAC) drink driving limit in Malaysia is 0.05%. Driving while either intoxicated or drunk is dangerous and drivers with high blood content or concentration (BAC) are at greatly increased risk of car accidents, highway injuries and vehicular deaths. There are a number of possible prevention

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  • Drunk Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol

    Drunk Driving under the influence of alcohol is something people under the age 21, do while intoxicated with alcohol. Drunk driving can be very deadly. Yet many people drive while intoxicated everyday. Drivers who are drunk are blamed for the loss of as many as twenty-five thousand lives in highway crashes each year and hundreds of thousands of severe injuries. Everyday many lives are lost because of drunk driving or drunk drivers. “On June 1, 2000 in Miami, Florida, 16-year-old Helen Marie Witty

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  • Problems with Drinking and driving Essay

     Driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, drunken driving, drunk driving, operating under the influence, drinking and driving, or impaired driving is the crime of driving a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol or other drugs including those prescribed by physicians. In the case of alcohol, a drunk driver's level of intoxication is typically determined by a measurement of blood alcohol content or BAC. A BAC measurement in excess of a specific threshold level, such as 0.05% or 0

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  • The Problem Of Drinking And Driving

    People may ask, how long has Drinking and Driving been around? In order to answer that question, you must know three things. Firstly, you must know what the definition of drinking and driving is. Drinking and driving is defined as the crime of driving a motor vehicle while impaired by alcohol, to a level that renders the driver incapable of operating a motor vehicle safely. Secondly, a person must know when alcohol was invented. According to wikipedia.org, “evidence of alcoholic beverages has also

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  • Texting And Driving : Bad Driver

    Texting and Driving How many times a day do you encounter a bad driver? You’re probably now remembering a car that was going really slowly in front of you. But is it because that person was a bad driver? More than likely it was because they were on their phone, texting and driving. I cannot even recall all the mistakes in a single day I see on the road. More than half of those mistakes are because the driver was looking at their phone and not the road. For example, just today I was at a stoplight

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  • Texting And Driving Is Dangerous

    and driving is dangerous and most people would agree that it 's dangerous but everytime I glance to the car next to me they always seem to have a phone in their hand. Myself along with people that I have talked to would never drive drunk but won 't hesitate to pick up their phone when that text message ring goes off but according to AAA. “Text messaging while driving has even surpassed drunk driving as the #1 perceived threat to personal safety.” Edgarsnyder.com has texting while driving 6x more

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  • Driving Under the Influence Essay

    Running head: Driving While Intoxicated Driving While Intoxicated SIM American University-Online Instructor Paul Jake Table of Contents Abstract 3 Driving While Intoxicated 4 DWI Offenders 5 Statistics 5 Type of Crime 7 Identifying 8 Facts and Myths 9 Sanctions and Counter Measures 10 Current Sentencing 11 Cost 12 Court 14 Current Preventions 15 Proposed Solutions 15

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  • texting while driving Essay

     The Dangers of Texting While Driving Over the past few years, texting while driving has become a major issue for many Americans across the country. It has been the cause of many deaths and injuries and is a huge distraction for drivers. Texting while driving is said to be as dangerous as drunk driving. Many campaigns have been developed to further reduce the rate of accidents caused by texting while driving, but these are not taken to notice by the thousands of people taking their chances

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  • Essay Drinking And Driving

    This question is always asked whenever a drunk driver is involved in a drinking and driving incident. Many people drink and drive without thinking about the consequences. The majority of fatal car crashes are caused by alcohol related incidents. Of all traffic fatalities in the United States in 2005, 39% of traffic related accidents were alcohol related (Alcohol Alert, 2006). Driving while intoxicated puts drivers and others lives at risk. Drinking and driving do not mix and the consequences can be

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  • Texting And Driving Is Not Dangerous

    responsible for everyone on the road: yourself and the people around you. “In a split second you could ruin your future, injure or kill others, and tear a hole in the heart of everyone who loves you” (Texting and driving, Heit). Texting while driving are never okay in any circumstance. Drinking and driving becomes very dangerous for yourself and the people on the roads around you. Many people think that sending a message at the stop light is not causing harm. Most of the time it is not, but the person not

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  • The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

    Texting and driving has become a serious nightmare to people who felt as if they were professional multi taskers and were involved in a severe injury or death. The use of technology has grown gradually in today’s society. In which distracts people from many of those things that are considered important. Texting and driving is one of the biggest problems of the United States. Many teens, as well as adults, have formed a habit of texting while driving their cars. Texting and driving is distracting

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  • New Legislation Regarding Drunk Driving Essay

    regarding drunk driving is constantly being drawn up, debated, and passed in the United States. Many states are working to make the penalties for drunk driving much harsher, especially for repeat offenders (Xavier). Currently, in every state, the minimum punishment for convicted drunk drivers involves the automatic loss of their licenses for a period of time determined by the state (Xavier). An offender’s driver’s license should be automatically suspended or revoked after a drunk driving conviction

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  • Essay on Drunk Drivers

    recent ad that was published by BMW in 2011 in order to promote awareness in regards to the dangers of drinking and driving. So many people go about their day to day life not stopping to think about the cause and effect of our decisions. One of the number one causes of death is actually from drinking and driving. Here is in this picture is a man who lost his leg to a drunk driving incident. He was a young adult who received a bionic leg in replace of his own. However, this bionic leg is not the

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  • The Fool And The Drunk

    The Fool and the Drunk The fool is a frequent character type in the work of William Shakespeare. The Shakespearean fool is usually a person of lower social standing, able to use their brains to beat out people of higher social standing. In a sense, they resemble the fools, and jesters of Shakespeare’s time, but their abilities are exaggerated for theatrical effect. Trinculo and Stefano provide a comic foil to the other pairs of higher social and powerful standing, such as Prospero and Alonso. Trinculo

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  • The Driving Car Is A Big Project

    Introduction The self-driving car is a big project and many companies are working on it, such as Google and Apple. Not Many people are aware the driver less car; it means self- driving a car which can also be called as an automatic car. These cars are designed to be driven without the human operators. Apple is working on developing the car’s technology but Google is ahead of them. Moreover, in the Google car, driver sets the destination the car has software that calculates the route. Also the

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  • Distracted While Driving Essay

    Distracted While Driving Virtually anyone who has a driver’s license has been introduced to the idea that distracted driving causes accidents. However, the consequences of distracted driving are far more than just predictable and often taken lightly. Predictable events can be avoided. Since these are predictable events they are preventable. The choices that drivers make affect more people than they may realize, thus making them responsible for the consequences that result from those choices

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  • Teenage Drunk Driving Essay

    related car accidents every twenty-two seconds. Drunk driving accidents are the number one killer of adolescents (Teenagers and peer pressures. (n.d.). Retrieved November 1, 2013, from). Mixing drinking while driving can be deadly. Teenage drunk driving accidents not only affect the person drinking while driving, but it also can kill or harm others (Alcohol problems and solutions. (n.d.). Retrieved November 1, 2013, from) (Teen drinking and driving. (n.d.). Retrieved November 1, 2013, from) . Every

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  • Drunk Drivers Who Cause Accidents With Fatalities

    Drunk drivers who cause accidents with fatalities should be charged with murder. There should be no surprise that drunk driving is a immense problem in our country. The penalties for drunk driving have increased because of the impact it causes on families who lose their children, fathers, mothers, or other family members to death and/or disability. So when individual take the risk of drinking and driving, they are taking the risk on the lives that are out there and of their own. People who are

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  • The Problem Of Drunk Driving

    Drunk Driving is defined as: Operating a motor vehicle while one 's blood alcohol content is above the legal limit set by statute, which supposedly is the level at which a person cannot drive safely. State statutes define the legal limit to be between .08 and .10 depending on what state you’re in. Every 51 minutes in America, someone is killed in a drunk driving crash. That equates to 27 people every day. That comes to a total of at least 9,855 deaths in a year. According to the National Highway

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  • Distracted Driving : Driving Car Accidents

    Distracted Driving Distracted driving is the practice of driving a motor vehicle while engaged in another activity. Most people think that the main distraction while driving is the use of a cell phone, however, this is entirely untrue. People partake in various activities while driving in their cars, causing distracted driving to be the primary reason for car crashes in the United States. Each day in the United States, over 8 people are killed and 1,161 are injured in car crashes that are reported

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  • The Problem Of Drunk Driving

    Overview Drunk Driving has been a problem in America almost since cars have been invented. One of the first cars ever built in America was in Massachusetts in 1893, but by 1897 a 27 year old taxi driver by the name of George Smith was arrested for the first ever DUI after crashing his cab into a building (history). In recent years, unfortunately, driving under the influence has a remained a huge problem in the United States, one third of all fatal car crashes involve an intoxicated driver or pedestrian

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  • Texting, Driving, And Driving

    Texting and Driving Texting and driving is one of the biggest issues in the United States. Texting and driving is very dangerous and can take your life away. People are distracted while they are driving by using their cell phones to text, call and even check their e-mails. Many teenagers’ car crashes were from distracted driving with the use of their smartphones when they are texting while driving. When you are distracted while you are driving it takes your eyes off the road and you are not focus

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  • Driving On The Road Toady

    While driving on the roads toady, there are many things that should be looked out for. Things such as texting and driving, drunk driving or something as simple as someone just not paying attention are things that are accountable for multiple deaths a year. First, vehicular crimes are considered serious offenses and should have more severe consequences. Vehicular crimes not only hurt the driver but can also pose serious risks for other innocent drivers on the road. Second, it is safer to drive intoxicated

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  • Only Drunks Essay

    Blinding Anger - Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth In the play, “Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth” by Drew Hayden Taylor, the story of two sisters, Barb and Janice is told. They had not met each other for the first time until Janice had turned 35 and had returned for her first visit. The two are basically strangers and their relationship consists of nothing but anger. The development in their relationship seems to be impossible with the two who are unable to understand each other

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  • Texting While Driving And Driving

    consideration, and will often fail to realize that they’re doing something wrong when they are driving. Texting while driving is one of the most common mistakes people do while driving, and is most responsible for many car collisions, and deaths. Over the years, many people are now using their phones while driving, and many of those people are teenagers, that are just starting off driving. Texting while driving has been more common throughout the years with all the new technology nowadays, and all of

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  • When Hearing The Phrase Drunk Driving

    When hearing the phrase drunk driving, one often thinks of despair, tragedy, even death. But what exactly factors into it? And why are drunk drivers still a problem if police know they are out there? What are authorities doing to try and end the epidemic that is drunk driving? The National Department of Transportation says that about one-third of drunk drivers arrested or convicted are repeat offenders. Considering that 1.1 Million people were arrested for driving under the influence in 2014, one-third

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  • Distracted Driving At The United States

    Distracted driving is any activity or distraction that takes a driver 's attention away from their focus on the road (“Facts 1”). Distracted driving in the United States is becoming a huge and increasing problem. As many as 660,000 Americans are fiddling and playing around with their cell phones and other technologies while driving (Perry 1). Every day nine people die and 1,060 people are injured due to distracted driving (Halsey 1). To reduce the trend in distracted driving among teenagers, parents

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  • Drinking Driving And Drunk Driving

    “The crime of driving a vehicle with an excess of alcohol in the blood” would define drunk driving. Throughout these 50 great states in America there are too many people that are committing to drunk driving at all times of the day. People believe that there is no harm in doing an act if you are caught doing such act [drunk driving]. People that are convicted of drunk driving, once or more should know that they shouldn’t be doing it because such of heavy consequences. The consequences are tragic and

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  • Texting While Driving And Driving

    Texting While Driving Texting and driving has become a recent issue in today 's society. Many teens, as well as adults, have formed a habit of using their cell phones while operating their vehicles. It is distracting and the probabilities of getting involved in a vehicle collision while driving are higher than if you are not using a cell phone. Even the government has realized this is an ongoing problem that is causing accidents. In trying to prevent this you will need to realize the damage it can

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  • Drunk Driving : Drunk Car

    Drunk Driving Repercussions Drunk driving has been and continues to be an extremely serious issue. It affects so many in different ways, from the drunk driver, the person they hit, and all of the families involved. One of the biggest concerns is that the penalties for Driving Under the Influence have not been as strong as what it should be. Too many times in the past you will read or hear about someone being arrested for DUI and they either get a fine and no sentence or a very minimal sentence. Fortunately

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  • Essay on America Needs Better Drunk Driving Laws

    cost of alcohol related crashes totals more than 51 billion. In Recent discussions of drunk driving, a controversial issue has been whether the driving while intoxicated laws should be increased due to the amount tax payers are paying for drunk driving crashes. On the one hand. Some argue that the driving laws for driving drunk should remain the same and not change. From this perspective the laws about driving under the influence should greatly increase to be stricter, this will help decrease the

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  • Essay on The Dangers of Drinking and Driving

    This article talks about the statistic and the affects Drinking and driving have on the community. It shows that traffic crashes which had fatalities were more likely to be as a result of alcohol especially in young people. The amount of money and time spent on these efforts to decrease this number is a result of congress passing a bill authorizing more than 17 billion dollars in effort to fight this drinking and driving problem. Some of the money was used for setting up a various programs

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  • Drinking And Driving Should Be Prohibited

    According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving or MADD, in the article “MADD-Drunk Driving,” “290,000 people are injured from drunk driving accidents yearly”. Out of those 290,000 people, about 10,000 people are killed from drinking and driving (Impaired Driving: Get the Facts). The loss of 10,000 people yearly could be prevented, only of people could make one choice. This choice affects 290,000 people yearly. The choice is to not drink and drive. Drunk driving is a problem all around the world that

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  • About the Drunk and the Cook Essay

    About a Drunk My story begins in the suburbs of Cerenity, Kansas. A town that was so organized, with every lawn carefully trimmed, and each street practically glimmering, you would never suspect the mess that is the Hubbard house. In this one house there was a drunk, a maniac, a genius, and a bastard. And those were just boys. The girls were worse, they were sneakier and craftier. The mom was always getting pregnant and always cooking something. The twins were obsessed with fire and the

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  • Theories help explain drunk driving

     Theories Help Explain Drunk Driving Taylor Forté February 5, 2014 HDFS 2400 University of Missouri Fall 2013 ID: 333795 and Keycode: 2476 Theories Help Explain Drunk Driving Driving while intoxicated persists to be a major problem amongst teenage drivers. Although there are many precautions taken in order to prevent this type of activity, whether by the school, media or parents’, teens proceed to place themselves into these very high risk situations.

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  • Texting, Driving, And Driving

    “Distracted driving has always been an issue with drivers, particularly young drivers, but has perhaps never had the attention it now currently receives. Almost daily, there are stories in the mass media about the destruction and death that has been caused by distracted driving” (Quisenberry, 2014, p. 303). Since texting and driving is receiving so much attention right now this is time to make sure something is done about and changes need to be made now. My plan to solve the texting and driving problem

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  • The Dangers Of Texting And Driving

    How many of you out there have heard your phone go off in the car before while you were driving? Maybe it happened today on the ride to school or work, or possibly to your friend’s house. Did you think to yourself, maybe I’ll check just really quick to see who it is, or it’s really important and I’m just going to glance at it fast? You just happen to be sitting at a red stop light so it’s okay right? Well you 're wrong a lot of us are wrong! It only takes just the split second of your eyes being

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  • Essay about Drinking and Driving

    because they know the dangers of driving after having a few drinks. Instead they ca ll a cab to give you a ride home. You would be extremely lucky to have such smart friends. Drunk driving is a very serious problem in our society today, but it is becomming socially unacceptable causing the numbers of alcohol related traffic fatalites t o decline considerably. Drunk driving can be very deadly. Yet many people drive while under the influence everyday. Drivers who are drunk are blamed for the loss of

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  • The Issue Of Driving And Drinking Alcohol

    19870s. All the data collected from official police reports and demonstrates crime rates across the Canada but those statistics are not covering all crimes inside the country. Also the question of driving and drinking alcohol is very relevant in Canada. Canada is one of the most loyal to the alcohol while driving behind the wheel (Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics., 2015) The first piece of advice is to record all types of crimes, which happens across the country. Nevertheless, all the data that was

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  • Distracted While Driving : Distracted Driving

    Distracted while driving Do you drive distracted? Do you care more about that phone call or text? Or what about that conversation or laughter in the backseat? A lot of people don 't realize how selfish they are to put there life at risk, and more importantly the other people in the car with them or innocent bystanders as well as people in the other vehicle. In 2009, The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported the following, “almost 450,000 people were injured and 5,500 died in

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  • The Problem Of Drinking And Driving

    S. so many americans participate in drinking and driving, an event which could eventually end up becoming a deadly accident? The government may say that they are taking care of the problem, but the simple truth is clear. Drinking and driving, which affects the driver’s vision and reactions to the environment, is very dangerous and not in order to care for the predicament more preventative action needs to be taken. Thanks to drinking and driving, many families and loved ones are dead or heartbroken

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  • Elderly Driving Tests Essay

    things they were once able to accomplish. There are people who would say that teens are more reckless than the elderly. Although it is widely known that teens are often involved in dangerous driving activities such as racing, reckless driving, packing a car past its normal capacity and drinking and driving, the rate of fatal accidents begin to rise after the age of 65. When drivers reach the age of 85 their chances of being involved in a fatal accident increasing to almost four times higher than

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  • Texting, Driving, And Driving

    “[A]t any given time throughout the day, approximately 660,000 drivers are attempting to use their phones while behind the wheel of an automobile.” (Unsafe Driving in the Cell Phone Era) That is 660,000 more than what there should be. I remember when I first learned how to drive I was terrified of taking my eyes off the road. I can imagine many of you felt the same way, however once we get some experience behind the wheel we all are guilty of doing some really stupid things. For instance, changeing

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  • Texting While Driving Essay

    Texting while driving is a form of ‘distracted driving.’ The term not only applys to using cell phones when behind the wheel, but also to actions such as eating, drinking, putting on make-up, smoking, and using other devices such as iPods and GPSs. These activities lead to “inattention blindness” which defers drivers focus from the road to the device within their line of view. Distracted driving has thoroughly increased since the invention of new technologies. Texting is physically and visually impairing

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  • Drunk Drivers From Becoming Repeat Offenders

    Drinking and Driving “A new technology may be the key to keeping convicted drunk drivers from becoming repeat offenders. A company named Guardian Interlock has developed a technology which is installed in the vehicle of a person who has just been convicted of driving under the influence. According to Guardian Interlock their creation, the Ignition Interlock, requires the operator to blow into the unit in order for the car to be started, and once started the unit must be blown into every thirty minutes

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  • The Effects Of Driving On Your Phone While Driving

    football game that was highly anticipated. You’re in the in the backseat of car going out to celebrate and your having a blast with your friends. The driver gets a text message and everybody hears it. All your friends know that being on your phone while driving is dangerous and has costly affects but you think it will never happen to you. The next second, you hear a horn from another car and screams coming from your friends. You wake up laying on the grass next to the flipped car. You see your two best friends

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  • Drunk Driving : Madd, 2015

    "Drunk Driving." Blackbaud. Madd, 2015. Web. 02 May 2016. Summary: In the late 60s and early 70s, 29 states lowered their drinking age to more closely align with the newly reduced military enlistment and voting age. The results were immediate -- drunk driving crashes and alcohol-related fatalities increased significantly in those states.1 And not just in those states -- "blood borders", where young people would drive to a state with a lower drinking age, drink, and crash on their return, cropped

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  • Drinking And Driving Should Stop Drunk Driving

    lose a family member to a drunk driver. Drinking and driving should not happen in the United States. Bars should take more actions, people need to plan ahead of time before going out and learn to limit themselves on how many drinks and money spent or the people should start a program for people just turning twenty one on drinking and driving and the consequences. Most people do not realize the great risk of drunk driving to ones life or others. Take more time to look at driving under the influence and

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