Wynn Resorts: Company Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

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Company Strengths and Weaknesses
The aforementioned data introduced in the financial section demonstrates that Wynn Resorts has been a very profitable company, in wake of aggressive competition. To further demonstrate the success of Wynn Resorts, we have identified two predominant competencies which give Wynn Resorts competitive advantages above other related corporations. These competencies are listed below.
Company Strengths
Overall Financial Stability “A commitment to providing an elegant environment, high quality amenities, a superior level of service and distinctive attractions for our customers.”1
a. Does the competency provide access to a wide variety of markets?
Financial stability for a company such as Wynn Resorts
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Therefore, it takes time to build a positive image in the mind of the potential students.
c. Is it difficult for competitors to imitate?
It is difficult for competitors to imitate this competency. Financial stability and the ability to pay overhead expenses, pay down debt and return capital to investors is far easier said than done. The balance sheets, income statements and cash flow statements provide Wynn Resorts with a statistical measure of stability few can duplicate to the exact success they have experienced.
Few calculations exist to maintain perfect financial stability, thus in an ultra competitive industry such as the one Wynn Resorts is in, this makes it far more difficult than one would imagine. For Wynn and competitors alike, financial stability varies according to industry, economic conditions and the stage in its life cycle from which they operate. The ability to maintain financially stable is not its core competency but it does play a major role in the success of the company. http://content.edgar-online.com/edgar_conv_img/2008/02/22/0001193125-08-036412_G77968G28S35.JPG

Extensive Experience and Thorough Apprehension of the Industry
a. Does the competency provide access to a wide variety of markets?
Experience is essential for any business, but it has a predominate function in the luxury casino/hotel industry. For travelers, reputation is an essential element when

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