Essay on Why Reducing and Reusing is Much Better than Recycling

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There are over 600 million tons of recyclables being handled by almost 2 million people worldwide every year (BIR). This is the result of the ever growing concern of waste and CO2 emissions across the globe. Recycling is a controversial topic because many were taught that recycling is the most influential way to reduce environmental impact. However, according to the New York times, “Recycling may be the most wasteful activity in modern America: a waste of time and money, a waste of human and natural resources.” (Tierney). Recycling may actually be a way for people to feel justified about overusing products. This can result in a rapid increase in consumerism . In some cases, recycling can be effective, but studies have shown that more …show more content…
Two out of the three Rs are effective ways to help our waste problem without putting even more waste in the air. The world however has chosen to go with the one (recycling) that can put more harmful emissions in the air then making new products. The world could be a much better place if citizens could just reduce the amount of overall waste than trying to melt it to make even more ( Landfill space has been a big concern for citizens all over the world. Even though it is much better for the environment to just reduce and reuse waste, there is plenty of room to dump our waste in a landfill (Penn and Teller). In order to try to reduce the leaching of chemicals from landfill into the air and groundwater it is best to try to began the reducing process by cutting some of modern societies current techniques.
Recycling has many positive effects on the world as well. In some cases like recycling aluminium it can save 95% of energy and 92% CO2 emissions (BIR). Recycling also reduces the amount of waste that is put into landfills. With space for these landfills being a problem in many countries people are pushing recycling on people to try and reduce the amount of land used for waste. Recycling also creates jobs for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. If citizens were to get rid of recycling, although it would save tons of money

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