Essay on Virtuous Violence

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Virtuous Violence When one hears the word violence one typically thinks of sordid images. This is because violence has developed a negative connotation. When one thinks of violent acts or cruel methods like coercion it is frequently correlated with evil. But there are instances in which there is a need to commit brutalities in order to put an end to catastrophes and help the good prevail. Many posit the notion that nothing good will ever come from violence while neglecting the positive things that have emerged from it. It may seem illogical but since kindness is often abused one needs to resort to violent means to demand justice and peace. Violence is gradually converting into a …show more content…
The indigenous Native Americans whom varied greatly from tribe to tribe were viewed by the Anglo Americans as threats because of the large disparity between the two. The Natives were perceived as savages and idle so the Americans saw no other alternative than to obliterate them so that they can make use of the land and establish a prospering society. They also felt that had the divine right to expand, this religious touch helped proliferate the annihilation on Indians. Since this message was carried out by multiple eminent figures the Anglo Saxons killed Natives left and right. In Quentin Youngberg’s article Morphology of Manifest Destiny: The Justified Violence of John O’ Sullivan, Hank Morgan, and George Bush, he eloquently proves this when he says “By equating American expansion with progressivism and a universal good, O'Sullivan legitimates any violence perpetrated toward those ends.” The cruelties that were experienced by the Natives were justified by the contention that America was destined to flourish and expand. In their eyes they were merely colonizing and industrializing the country. They did not empathize with the Indians for they felt that they were doing the right thing. For all the future generations would benefit from this establishment. In Caldwell’s book On the Unity of The Human Race, he mentions the common belief held around that era “Civilization is

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