Violence in Video Games Does Not Create Violence Essay

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Violence and Video Games

Despite media accusations, video games do not spark violence in Americans. Media organizations and other people, like Jack Thompson, are quick to blame video games as the cause of any shooting. This ignorance and false-blame only detract from finding the real cause of school shootings.

Recently, a gamer committed suicide after posting in a gaming forum that he was going to end his life. The media and Jack Thompson said the people in the forums did not care about this other person, and neglected trying to save him. However, this is not the case. The Forum administrators spent many hours tracking down where this persKid playing gameson lived, and spent many hours on the phone with him
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Video games can help shy individuals practice their social skills in an environment they feel comfortable in. They then can use those social skills in the real world too. Video games also help to motivate students to want to learn, and get them to think in new and different ways; "For me, learning an area like biology should be about learning how to 'play the game' of biology, that is, learning to think, act, and value like a biologist" (Krotoski). Video games are also being used to try to “persuade an apathetic generation to embrace learning” (Krotoski). However, video games are not just being used as teaching tools for in the classroom. The military has been creating games, such as America’s Army, to try to boost recruitment. America’s Army, and other games like it, place the player into the shoes of a soldier in the military, allowing them to go through basic training, try different missions, and play online with their friends. The military also uses these games as a training tool to make “better soldiers and sailors faster, safer and cheaper” (CBS Broadcasting Inc). The games keep the soldier’s focus, as opposed to sitting in a classroom for hours. The military can use games to create many different locations and scenarios, such as “how to survive ambushes on what looks like a Baghdad street” (CBS Broadcasting Inc.).

Video games, like most games, are used as a form of escape from the pressures of reality. All

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