Essay on Violence in the Media

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“The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses” ("Malcolm X Quotes"). Mass media is defined as any form of communication that reaches millions of people globally (Baran). Mass media is ubiquitous and is portrayed throughout the many mediums such as newspapers, television, and radio and has become a large part of many people daily lives. Now imagine flipping through the channels on the television or even viewing the news online or by paper, and all that is seen throughout is scenes of violence, blood, and guns and even more. Additionally, these scenes are seen not only by adults but children also. …show more content…
Additionally, the author states that children who are exposed to these violent media are mostly left unsupervised and able to view or listen to different media easily. Furthermore, the writers provided some preventative measure needed to alleviate this problem occurring. In conclusion, the authors state that until more field and laboratory studies are conducted, the knowledge needed to inform the society on more effective prevention to guard the youth and adult from exposing these violent media and if not alleviated it will cause a turmoil within the society (Anderson, et al., 81-110).
Exposure to violent media is seen throughout the internet via Facebook, or on blogs and even on the radio. It shows how far the arms of media extend to the viewers who are constantly bombarded with violent media. Research shows that violent media is even consumed by children, especially ones left unsupervised, and their mindsets are constantly being conformed (Anderson, et al., 81-110). Children learn through imitation. They mimic what they see on the television. Just ask any parent whose children watch “Dora the Explorer” they would tell you that their children learn Spanish even if just a little bit because of the repetitiveness of them watching the show. According to the Center for Media and Public affairs, "The typical American child will

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