Violence in Film Essay

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Imagine, a man just got shot in the chest and his blood is pouring out like water from a faucet. The killer pulls out a knife to finish his work and violently stabs his victim to death. Why would anyone want to see this? The fact is, many people do want to see violent movies, and this has been proven with their high ratings at the box office. Whether people use these violent movies to release their daily frustrations, to see the danger involved in watching them, or the special effects, people want to watch violent movies.
     Watching violent movies can help people to release their frustrations and anger. One example is the movie Rocky. This movie is about a boxer who fights in brutal matches with a goal of
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The violence involved in these movies stimulates the imagination as well. When you see a knife go into someone’s body or a fight take place, you automatically imagine it being the most excruciating pain. It’ll make you quiver inside just thinking about it. Or you might think it’s the most awesome thing you have ever seen, and you keep coming back for more.
     The final reason violent movies do so well in the box office is the special effects. The noisy gunfights and large explosions keep people on their toes and visually stimulated by the scenes of the movie. For example, the movie “Rambo” has scenes filled with noisy guns going off, large bombs blowing up buildings, and destroying whatever lies in their paths. Watching this form of violence is intriguing and keeps your mind on whatever’s taking place in the movie. All of the blood and gore which the violent movies show seems realistic. All of these special effects help the violent movies get higher and higher ratings.
     In the end it can be said that people like to see violence for many reasons. Whether it’s the danger that keeps people on their toes, the ability to release some frustration and anger from everyday life, or just the amazing special effects, violent movies get good ratings at the box office. At these violent movies people can imagine things, and see things that

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