Essay on TV Violence

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In the past few years’ violence has raged our culture. It has taken the lives of adults and children alike. Our culture has been based on violence for some time, and has sky rocketed in the past few years. Ever since violence has become more popular on TV real life has become more violent itself. Our culture has been terrorized by violence too long, and it has to be restrained from our children. Violence in Television has recently become the main focus for many parents of young children. Due to so much of the violence, television stations are now forced to put certian ratings on TV programs. At first many stations were hesitant to put this system on their stations, but now it is located on every station.
Many parents state that acts
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DSM-IV, the psychiatrists' bible, estimates the prevalence of antisocial personality disorder (one of the main personality disorders for a psychopath) in the general population at 1 in 30 for males and 1 in 100 for females. I estimate the prevalence of sociopathic behaviour (psychologically violent people) at 1 in 30 for both males and females.

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TV Violence
Violence on TV affects how children view themselves,their world, and other people. In fact, experts warn that viewing violence can have lifelong harmful effects on children’s health. Parents have the power to limit the influence TV violence has on a child. Watch with your child and talk about the violence they see to put it in perspective. Help children become smart about TV violence!
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By the time children complete elementary school, the average child will witness more than 100,000 acts of violence on TV, including 8,000

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