The Social Cyber Chase Essay

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Killing Us Softly (The Social Cyber chase)
The twenty first century is the age of the “Internet” which guarantees people information at the touch of their fingertips. Intelligence of any subject can be acquired- personal or private- in a matter of seconds. This method of public privacy is practiced by numerous social networking websites, which hold personal data of its users. Facebook and Twitter have promised to engulf people with their warmth, keeping them interacted with friends, updated with trends, and connected with society. While several buy into this ruse, they neglect the undesirable effects of networking, which eventually led to depression, presenting a social paradox. The virtual relationships formed online through social
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As of October 3rd, 2013, 500 million people around the world use Facebook, and statistics also show that 250 million people log on to Facebook daily to chat with friends, or even update their status. (Start) Through their phone, laptop, or tablet, people are constantly connected to Facebook, giving them the means to communicate- as and when they please. Konnikova writes, “The world of constant connectivity and media, as embodied by Facebook, is the social network’s worst enemy.” (Konnikova 3) This quote from an article in the New Yorker, establishes the basis of why Facebook and other social networking websites make a person feel melancholy. Quick and easy access to these websites is ensuing dependence for people to check their accounts as if following a circadian rhythm.
This reliance, on networking websites, creates the feeling of isolation among users, due to no personal communication. (The increase in phones, laptops, and other gadgets lead our society to be more drawn toward this idea of social networking, afore any other method of contact.) Even though, people speak to others online, they only have cybernetic relations and no physical contact- some people haven’t even seen the person they are speaking to online, in person. After similar transactions of half-hearted messages, posts, and concepts circulate the web, the feeling of awkwardness and desolation begin to develop. People continue to focus on what is

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