The Popularity of E-mail Essay

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The Popularity of E-mail

E-mail in one way or another plays a role in just about everyone's life. Just about everyone has a computer and uses it to communicate. E-mailing and instant messaging is easy and almost necessary for people in today's world.

E-mailing and instant messaging definitely plays a large role in my life. In all honesty one of the first things I do in the morning is get up and check my e-mail to see if anyone has sent me a message. It's become a routine for me. I get up get ready for school and chick my messages just like many of my friends and a good portion of today's world.

Personally I think that sending e-mails and instant messaging is great as long as you don?t let yourself get too caught
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I can sit down in front of the computer and send messages to people half way across the world in a matter of seconds, the possibilities are really endless. In ?A Shared Sadness? Russ Parsons tells the story of how people really come together by chatting over the computer. You learn about a man who had come down with an illness and is forced to suddenly have surgery. His internet buddies were able to give words of encouragment and get up to date information on how the surgery was going. It allowed them to keep in contact with him up to right before eh had the surgery. E-mailing also makes it easier in certain work environments. Now instead of having to deal with bringing papers to your boss of have a big meeting at work everything can be sent in an e-mail. You can do all your work and send it with no problem. It also makes it easier for the boss, now he can just send you what work needs to be done in an e-mail. It really saves a lot of time and can be helpful for everyone.

Then there?s the second side of sending emails. This is the side of people who spend most of there day on the computer just reading and sending e-mails. In ?Going Postal? Tony Schwartz gives examples of people who really base there lives around e-mailing. Because of jobs and other things these people are constantly on the computer getting e-mails and never get any free time to themselves. Because of the constant

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