Essay on The Mattel Barbie Doll

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Behind the magic of Barbie’s creation.

The holiday season is fast approaching and the list for children to buy for is long.

Strolling down the Toys ‘R Us toy aisle, I find it hard to miss

what is in every typical North American toy store: Mattel’s Barbie dolls. A plastic doll

with clothes; it appears simple enough but not quite. From its conception in California,

to it being manufactured in China, to it being shipped to the local Toys ‘R Us store in

Vancouver, the Barbie doll sitting on a toy store shelve has undergone numerous social

and geographical processes involved in its production before it will reach into the hands

of my excited nine year old cousin on Christmas morning. With over one hundred and
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This is where Mattel's material and economic experts decide where

and who they should look to to provide the plastic, fabric, and other Barbie parts for the

creation of its doll (The Creation of Barbie). All of the important decisions of production,

labour, and retailing are made in El Segundo as this is where Mattel’s headquarters and

corporate management team is located.

The next step is then assembling the different materials needed for the manufacturing of Barbie. According to the Lewis and Clark College website, machinery and tools used to make Barbie, including the plastic injection mold machines, comes from Japan, Europe and the United States (The Creation of Barbie). The molds, the most expensive item in the doll making, come from the United States, Japan or Hong Kong
(The Creation of Barbie). As well as molds, the cardboard packaging and paint pigments for the dolls also originate from the United States (The Creation of Barbie). Other materials needed still come from various geographical sources. For example, oil from
Saudi Arabia is shipped to Taiwan, where it is there oil is refined into ethylene for plastic pellets for the making of Barbie's body (The Creation of Barbie). As well, the nylon hair for the Barbie dolls is produced in Japan (The Creation of Barbie). Once all the materials needed for the manufacturing of Barbie dolls is ready, it is then shipped to Mattel’s choice of factory where the assembling

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