Essay about The Dark Nurse

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I awoke with a start, gasping for air, my spine throbbing. My torso ached as though I had just fallen off a three-story building and had the misfortune to have survived. I tried to move, but every time I attempted to roll over, a sharp jabbing pain jolted throughout my body. I-V tubes threaded through my arms, their narrow canals transferring clear liquids, from large bladder-like bags, into my veins. The pungent smell of fresh sanitizer assaulted my nostrils so strongly that needles seemed to prick the inside of my nose with every breath. The soft scuffle of padded feet echoed in the distance, every step amplified by the empty hallways. Turning my head I saw a white room; the steady beep of a computer monitor sounded beside …show more content…
Unable to raise my head high enough, I ended up staring blankly at her waistline. Pathetically flailing my arms upward, I uttered the word, “What?” Gladys let out an exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes. Bending over, she leaned in closer, the smell of lilac perfume resonated from her figure, the odor a menacing miasma that brought images of toxic gas to mind. Gladys forced my eyes to lock with hers, a looming beast analyzing its prey. Opening her mouth to speak, the scent of garlic abused my nostrils with each breath. Finally, she repeated herself, “Tell me how much you are hurting. On a scale of ONE through TEN. TEN is the HIGHEST" Upon understanding the question, a strong urge to sit up overcame me, as if by propelling myself upwards my presence would increase and hers would lessen, but my efforts were stopped by a sharp jolt in my back. The I-V wires littered across my chest as fatigue forced me to lie back down. Feeling defeated, I yelled out "TEN!" Gladys's left eyebrow shot up, forming a sharp upside down 'V' amid a wrinkled forehead. Once again, her eyes locked with mine and for the first time I noticed that they were blue, almost metallic. Her gaze lingering on mine for a few seconds, until she very slowly, enunciating every syllable, asking "Are. You. Sure. It's. A. Ten?" Once again I stared back at her, my mouth agape. I frantically began to turn my head

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