Study of Varndean e-Learning Essay

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Study of Varndean e-Learning

Introduction to the Company, (Overview)

Varndean e-Learning is a small educational software company based in a school. The people who run the company were all at one stage teachers at Varndean School. Their company was formed in 2001, when the directors wrote some software to help their students with GNVQ ICT. They Still work from a small office within the school, where they develop software and take orders over the phone. All of their software is thoroughly tested on students from Varndean School before it is marketed as they believe it must be appealing and value the views of the students.

They run Sales Seminars in London and Birmingham three times a year
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Within the sales department, they run large marketing campaigns to advertise their products and demonstrate them to people. Mostly the products are demonstrated fully at Sales Seminars on a large screen using a Tablet PC and a Portable projector. Without the use of ICT they couldn't even produce their products let alone demonstrate them!

Varndean e-Learning have a computerised database stored in a database programme, (Microsoft Access), which holds details about all of the schools in the country. Because of this they must subscribe to the Data Protection Act. They send letters to all of the schools informing them about new products on sale, which is accompanied by a flyer giving them more information. They produce high quality colour flyers in a Graphics Package called Adobe PhotoShop.

The letters are produced in a Word Processing programme, (Microsoft Word), and they are personalised for each school by the use of Mail Merge between the Database Programme and the Word Processing Programme. This saves them a lot of time which would have been needed to type in all the names individually. To complete this task would be a near impossibility without the use of ICT - writing near on three thousand letters by hand would not only be time consuming but painful to the hands!

To send out the CD-ROM disks used for the demos and the full products, they use a large scale CD Copying

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