Rochester's Personal Journey Essay

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Eroticism, romance, and a steamy landscape is at the forefront in John Duigan’s movie adaptation of the Jean Rhys novel, Wide Sargasso Sea. Behind these themes exists a power struggle between two of the main characters and their dependence on one another. Antoinette Cosway and arranged English spouse, Edward Rochester, begin their marriage and lives together. In this arrangement, initial lust and interest between the two soon begins to crumble with the introduction of revealed secrets and fears. Much focus is spent on the main character Antoinette’s personal journey throughout the story, however, it is my interest to look at the character Rochester. His own struggle with identity is not only interesting, but very powerful in how as …show more content…
Even though his fainting could have been an example of his light-headedness due to the unfamiliar climate, there are other instances where Rochester does not step into the large shoes of masculinity. This makes me consider his characteristics during the introduction to Antoinette as being those of the rule more than that of the exception. One of these character defining moments would be Rochester’s reaction to the fact that Antoinette did not want to marry him. He responds that he does not blame her for her decision. His attitude here lacks dominance and aggression. He recognizes an inadequacy between himself and assigned spouse. Rochester does attempt again to win over Antoinette and succeeds. At this point, she mentions her disinterest in moving and living in England. Through her concerns, Rochester compromises and says that they can stay in Jamaica. His compromise continues to place him in the feminine role because he is powerless and has no knowledge of his surroundings. As Aunt Cora had mentioned to Antoinette, there was “no choice” in her being married to Edward, but Edward still allowed Antoinette to gain control over their situation. Throughout their steamy sex scenes, the

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