IT Equipment Essay

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IT Equipment


A quote from a PC World magazine on "The Digital Future" said, "in the future,

people will live twice as long, computers will die twice as fast" 1. As computer technology

continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate, information technology (IT) equipment

waste is becoming an increasingly significant portion of the solid waste stream.

Information Technology equipment waste is receiving increased attention for the

following reasons:

§ Rapid advances in technology result in IT equipment becoming obsolete at an

increasingly rapid pace. This is resulting in an increase in the rate and quantity of IT

equipment entering the waste stream;

§ A piece of IT equipment was, or
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Computer equipment can become obsolete as a result of technological

advancements, for example:

- Increasing micro processing speed -- from 80386 to 80486 to Pentium I, II and

now III generation systems;

- Increasing memory capacity to support faster microprocessors and expanded

storage requirements;

- Internet developments that cannot be accessed using older systems;

- New and expanding operating systems and software that cannot run on older


- Advancements in color, resolution and technology for monitors (i.e., flat panel


- Increasing speed and color performance for laser and ink-jet printers, and

- Merging technologies such as "all-in-one" equipment, with faxing, printing and

scanning capabilities provided in one unit.

These factors have reduced both the average first life and total lifespan of

computer equipment -- where first life refers to the amount of time a product is useful to

its original owner and total lifespan is the period from

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