Food Safety in Singapore: Enforcing Hygiene Safety Standards

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Have you ever found unwanted ingredients that could be carrying harmful bacteria in your food? Hair, flies, worms or maybe even a cockroach leg? How about going in and out of the restroom repeatedly after dinner at a nearby hawker centre?
According to statistics from the Ministry of Health Singapore, there were 6947 cases of food poisoning with three deaths in 1998. Also, in the same year, 9125 food premises were shut down for failing to fulfill the standard hygiene requirements.
In fact, the World Health Organisation has pointed out that food-borne diseases can be effectively reduced if both commercial and domestic food handlers practice correct, hygienic food practices.
Of course, all this relates back to the food poisoning cases
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Failing the inspection will result in a fine and being unable to open up for business for maybe a few days.

An advantage of this solution is that officers can see for themselves whether the food is fresh and not leftovers from the previous day. Also, doing it in the early morning will allow less people to eat the food made from leftover ingredients and the store will not open on that day because it does not use fresh ingredients and will in turn damage the health of its customers.

Another problem is that hawkers do not keep their stalls clean and pest-free, thus dirtying the ingredients and food that they cook and at the same time attracting pests like cockroaches and rats.

An easy solution to this is to implement a hygiene grading system on all stalls, so as to take extra notice of the stalls with bad grades. Although it is a temporary market, it is still a place selling cooked food and thus it should be graded to let customers know what is the cleanliness of the place of the food he/she is eating is cooked.

Although the hygiene grade of the stall will be put clearly for everyone to see and thus everyone will be clear of whether the food cooked is cooked in a clean environment, however, one major downside of this solution is that some stalls which

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