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The hypothesis of this experiment was to see if the hydroponically grown

plants would be stimulated by electricity causing the seed to sprout

quicker than normally expected.


<li> Gallon of Water
<li> Schultz All Purpose Food Plus
<li> Perlite
<li> Two Plastic Four Inch Planting Pots
<li> Four Green Bean Seeds
<li> Grow Bulb
<li> Two Plastic Treys
<li> Two Large Tupperware Containers
<li> Four Wood Blocks
<li> Multi Meter



The solution was made by mixing one half teaspoon of Schultz

All Purpose Plant plus, a substance that contains Nitrogen,

Phosphate, Soluble Potash, Iron, Manganese, and Zinc, with a

gallon of water. Two planting
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Ther was some

browning on the plant expecially around the edges of the

leaves. Plant A's growth was retarded. The larger of the two

plants in Pot A had a two-inch root system and a half-inch root

system and a one-inch system. Both of these plants were weak.

The following results were noted for Plants B:

On day four, the perlite was pulled back from the seed. The

seed had begun to grow a root system. On day eight, the tip of

the new plant was pushing through the perlite. On day ten, the

seedlings were removed from the perlite for observations. There


was little browning on the plants. Plant B's growth was healthy.

The larger of the two plants in Pot B had a three-inch root

system and a two-inch stem. The smallest had a two and a

half-inch root system and a one and three-fourths inch stem.

Both plants looked strong with thick stems and good root




The hypothesis was disproved. However, the experiment did

show that plants respond in a negative way to electrical

stimulation. The plants moved away from the electricity. That

caused the plant to move from its water source making the

root system weak and the plant growth stunted. This also infers

that farmers who blame electrical wired for a crop's lessened

produce may be correct.

Another conclusion drawn from conducting this experiment


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