Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic violence After high school, many parents are excited to send their children to college. They send them to schools like Hampton, Harvard, and Yale to get the best college education possible. A loving father knows that his little girl is growing up and going to find love soon. But what he doesn’t expect is that his beautiful precious daughter might be the next victim of domestic violence. Reports of domestic violence have flourished on the college campuses of this country. Nearly one-third of college students report being physically assaulted by a partner they’ve dated in the previous 12 months. Women should know how domestic violence impacts a women’s psyche and her mental , physical, and emotional health. Also this …show more content…
Girls on college campuses that have been attacked might even think the abuse was their fault. After blaming themselves, this is when mental disorders start to form in the woman’s mind. Many young people view violence as a normal aspect of intimate relationships. She starts to think that domestic violence is normal and that this is what love is. As advocates, we need to tell these women that no this is not what real love is.

The cost of treating the physical health of victims of domestic violence,(including hospital, GP, ambulance, prescriptions $1,995,225,869) is an extremely high expense. Many reports of domestic violence cases lead to some type of physical abuse. On college campuses, the damage is done sexually to the woman. During the rape process, she is likely to be beaten, spat on, and penetrated roughly with no form of protection. In some of these rape cases we are seeing college women that go in to the ER for extreme vaginal disfiguration. This leads to trouble of having children in the future, vaginal bleeding and pain in the vagina. Another physical damage of domestic abuse is un-wanted pregnancies. Many times the abusers do not use protection when they sexually assault someone. This leads to college girls getting pregnant at a young age. This leads to higher abortion rates in college women.

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