Does the Veterinarian Know Best? Essay

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Who would you trust about your new pet, the veterinarian or the hobbyist? With contact to the vast amount of info on the internet, I decided to discover that for myself. I will be researching the basic care of the “Axolotl”, an aquatic salamander.. In my exploration, I came across two distinct websites on the same topic concerning amphibians. The authors of both sites are individually deemed front-runners in their field of care. Our authors are Dr. Lianne McLeod, a veterinarian, and John Clare a hobbyist/breeder. Both of which I will relate and contrast. When it comes to the direct care of an uncommon pet, I believe it’s best to go with a qualified expert. The first website I came across is, “The Reptile Channel.” This website is …show more content…
Dr. McLeod is a graduate of the Western College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan, and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Simon Fraser University. She is very well qualified to give advice and care information on exotic animals. Her examples of proper care are purely factual, and give no favoritism to a particular method. Her articles contain exact conditions in which the axolotl can live, such as water PH level, and various temperatures. Dr. McLeod’s terminology may be a little difficult to follow at times, so the target audience is most likely not children. At first glance TRC (The Reptile Channel) is somewhat frustrating to navigate. “About”, had not only related links on the bottom of the page, but the side as well. TRC’s were spread out all over the page, more aimed at someone looking for specific articles, as opposed to general research. Not to mention the frequent pop-up ads and flashy advertisements in each corner. This may be more favorable for the young readers, as they may become bored easily reading a plain page. Both sites use a bold typeface for their headers to grab your attention, including pictures immediately after the first paragraph. The pasty white background of TRC is a bit straining to the eye. It is similar to “About’s” background, however “About” has much simpler template of blue and white, which makes the external links more “appealing”. The

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