Essay on Crime and Violence in School

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Violence and crime in schools is a rising problem. This problem has created fear among many students and parents. A lot of research does show that higher violence is related to city schools, though there is still a significant amount in schools outside of the city. School violence does not actually begin in the school. Violence and crime in schools is related to the home life experience of the children committing these terrible deeds. Children that are allowed to watch TV shows that have violence or play the popular style of video games with violence have a higher chance of becoming actively violent at school. “Statistically speaking, 47% of the violent acts on television do not harm the victim, 86% of the violent acts have no negative …show more content…
These behaviors all have to do with where the children live. In the inner city, violence is an accepted part of the culture. Young kids are growing up with violence all around them. They look up to the older kids who are in gangs, beating kids up, stealing and doing drugs as idols. If they live in a neighborhood like this, then they’re going to learn to live that way if they want to be perceived as a cool kid. Another rising problem is the growth of inner city gangs. There are a lot of children who aren’t so good at school and decide to join a gang so they can feel like they belong somewhere. As a result, these kids now over power others, bring weapons to school, and sell drugs to other kids. The ages of the members have been getting increasingly lower as well. Violence and crime is part of the inner city “cool pose kid” culture. Even though it is a growing problem, the people in these cities don’t seem to want to fix or change anything. They accept that this is their life and the cycle just continues. There are many negative side effects to number of violence and crime in urban schools. Nobody wants to learn in an environment of fear. Having to be constantly watching out for yourself can very much distract you from your school work. Many kids who are bullied or assaulted end up dropping out of school because they can’t handle the fear and pressure of dealing with their attackers. Also, they are scared it can

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