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Stereotypes in Children’s Television: “The Proud Family”
     “The Proud Family” is a children’s program that runs daily on The Disney Channel and on Saturday mornings on ABC Kids. It is a TV-G rated program. The show is about an African-American family with the last name Proud. There is a mom, dad, three kids, and a grandmother. The main character of the show is the oldest daughter named Penny Proud who is probably in junior high. Also, some of Penny’s friends are in the show. All of the characters in this show are stereotyped by many things such as race and gender, including Penny.
     The first stereotype I noticed about the show was the way the cartoonist drew the different
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There were two radio hosts along with a few others that fit the stereotype that minority characters are goofy and lazy. For example, the radio announcers sang and made funny voices and also said silly things. Then, they were in a way stereotyped as lazy because but there were overweight and ate all the food at the eating contest, and these are things that are associated with laziness.
     All of the stereotypes shown in the program help to reinforce society’s views of gender and racial identity. The way that the characters in this program were stereotyped might lead children to believe that all African-Americans call each other “brotha” and then a child that watches this show might call someone African-American that one day and get into trouble. This program did nothing to try and break away from what society views a specific race as, and instead the program reinforced it by using typical stereotypes of the African-American population.
     My reaction to the character of Penny is mixed. I did like her as a character because she was compassionate and cared about her friends and family, and I believe this can help to teach children that are watching this show that these values are important in life. However, I wish they would have gotten away from the typical African-American stereotype and would have not made Penny with such

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