Business Program Resources and Personal Success Plan Essay

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Northcentral University has many valuable resources that are available for students; yet the most important resource I took advantage of during the first week was meeting the mentors and my advisor. Meeting the Dean of the School of Business and Technology Management as well as other staff members during week one of the doctorate program was inspiring. Seeing the Dean and the NCU mentors face to face and hearing them speak about themselves made me realize they had once been doctorate students too; their wisdom and vision encouraged me. I also enjoyed meeting other students through the discussion forum; seeing their unique perspectives concerning their background and interests, their personal vision and how NCU fit their future plans. The …show more content…
Certainly this skill builder will be revisited often when writing future papers.
Each resource in activity four motivated me to press forward! The literacy tutorial, search like an expert paper and finding a research topic website made me realize how to narrow down topics and then to begin clarifying research data, terms, and ideas. The Harvard Business School Thinking that Leads website had a treasure-trove of juicy morsels; this website will help students formulate their initial dissertation plans as it gives updated information about current business topics. Evaluating library databases clarified the good, better and best databases to use when searching and locating articles and journals.
As students’ progress further into their doctoral classes I am absolutely sure that the skill builder to become a rational thinker and the task to apply critical thinking skills along with recognizing logical fallacies will be required to maximize resource applications. The discussion in which we had to guess the mystery fallacy that classmates posted, clarifies the furtive nature of illogical thinking. Learning how to efficiently read a scientific paper, so that comprehension is complete, without spending too much time trying to figure out exactly what the paper or report is implying, will be a key factor for doctoral students.
Certainly I need more practice writing annotated bibliographies; I tend to be too wordy and include too much information. This follows my mentor’s

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