A Time to Kill Essay

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A Time to Kill
Twenty years ago Don Henley sang a song called “The End of the Innocence,” and portrayed a coming of age scenario. In Henley’s song, he sings the lines, “Offer up your best defense/ but this is the end/ this is the end of the innocence.” The disputable age-of-accountability permeates American society. In the essay, “Too Immature for the Death Penalty,” Paul Raeburn offers his defense into the chemical and environmental make-up of juveniles in their decision-making processes. However, the issue of personal accountability, or an end of innocence, is never brought up. Regardless of age, Americans cannot avoid decisions, because decisions determine destinies. Individuals choose either the path of wisdom or the path of
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No difference exists between murderers who are twelve or ninety-five, because both have committed the same crime and both should be equally punished. Criminals who have committed intentional murder must own their actions; no one else can pay for them.
Murder is not a questionable crime; when a criminal murders another human being then they should be held responsible for the consequences that ensue. There would be chaos throughout America if laws were not upheld. How does society intend to punish adolescents who commit murder without the death penalty for juveniles? American society has its priorities backward; society punishes their children and disciplines their criminals. There is no profit for American’s in the business world for rehabilitating murderers. Most people would agree that many inmates have been waiting on their execution for years. Death row inmates have committed murder, so why should Americans keep them alive, provide medical treatment, educate, house, and feed them? The cost to maintain juveniles who commit murder would cost twice as much as adults due to their longer stay in prison. The long prison term for juveniles could be offset, moreover, if time limits were imposed during sentencing. Nevertheless, the same standard applied to adults must be applied to juveniles in order to evenhandedly distribute the death penalty. The enforcement of

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