Zeus : The Great Leader Of The Olympian Gods Essay

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Zeus was the great leader of the Olympian gods. The family of Mount Olympus truly was the most powerful of all the Greek families. Though they were gods, they were full of themselves; arrogant, stubborn, and prime examples of immorality. Since they couldn 't be trusted, they were to be approached with cautiousness. A modern day version of the Olympian gods would be a family with a maximum amount of power. The Greek temple had 12 gods and goddesses. Most gods were in fact full of themselves, but few cared about their surroundings, and made a change.
The great leader of the Olympian gods, Zeus, was the head of the Greek temple. He was the sky god; anything pertaining to the weather. He had many lovers, which gave him connections to some older fertility gods. According to David Leeming in The World of Myth, “Zeus was assumed originally an earth god of Ancient Crete” (96).
Though Hera was Zeus’s sister, she was also one of his wives. Since Zeus had many lovers, she became unhappy with the affairs he had.
He was new to Mount Olympus, Apollo could be described as a foreigner. It has been said “he is a sacred twin” (102). His sister was Artemis, the great virgin huntress. Being the god of law, and knowledge, “he brings reason to the Greek world in the trial of Orestes” (102). When thinking of Apollo, they are thoughts of beauty and order. In art he is drawn as a handsome young man, usually naked. He lived in Delphi, a major site where he gained control of the known oracle, by…

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