Yes Virginia As A Writer Of The New York Sun Essay

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Yes Virginia is an editorial from a writer of the New York Sun. It was written by a little girl named Virginia who is eight years old in 1897. In her letter she is explaining that her friends are telling her that there is no Santa claus so she asks the writer to tell her the truth. She also adds in her letter the reason she is writing to the sun. She states in her letter that "papa says". The writer then replies to her explaining his interpretation of a Santa claus. The newspaper can only print and publish true facts so he can 't tell her there is an actual Santa Claus. He tells her a direct answer but he goes on to interpret what Santa is through an adults point of view.
In this writing Francis Church takes a more philosophical road when describing who and what Santa Claus is. Church never says that Santa is this big jolly man in a red suit. He rather compares Santa Claus to love and poetry. The things that are never seen, but yet they are still real and people still believe in them. This editorial was written about a century ago accept the principles of what church is say remain timeless. All of what he is saying are still true facts though the time period from then and now.
When Church wrote to this little girl it was 1897, industrialism was in full effect and people were skeptical. They only believed in tangible things. People like Virginias little friends and their little minds only believed in the facts and things they could see and touch. Church uses some different…

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