Xbis 219 Essay

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Introduction This presentation will explain the Technology Plan for Club IT. Club IT needs to get their business to where it needs to be and to fulfill their goals. Club IT has been struggling with productivity, clientele, and promoting their business because of simple technology issues that can be easily fixed and improved with beneficial Information Systems. The goal is to offer an easy and affordable way to help the business grow and also make things run much smoother. These changes are necessary to ensure that the business thrives in the way that it needs to. Club IT Description Club IT is a night club that caters to many people looking for concert events, music, dancing, drinking, food …show more content…
For the entire process I will be using the Water Fall approach in order to investigate, analyze, design, program, test, implement, operate, and maintain every program that they will be using. In addition to the MIS System, Club IT has been using a dial up connection which has really been hurting their productivity because dial up connections are typically very slow, taking up valuable time, time that could be better used in other parts of the business. We will need to get them set up with a reputable Internet company that can both offer a strong and fast Internet connection for the business. Club IT should also offer a free WI-FI connection for all of the patrons that frequent the business. The Internet connection will allow them to communicate faster, update events faster, and basically do everything that involves using their computer much faster. The WI-FI connection is always favored by younger people these days because they are able to check into many of the social networking sites that have become so popular in order to let their friends know where they are. Putting status updates with the name of the place of where you are is a really productive way of advertising. After getting the business organized implementing the 2 steps above, I will them start to work on their website in order to start attracting more business and to make it easier for people to use. Easier for the owners as

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