Wwe, Wrestling Entertainment And The Sporting World Essay

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WWE, World Wrestling Entertainment, was created in 1963 by powerful Northeast promoters Vince McMahon Sr. and Toots Mondt. Vince Sr, sold the company to his son in 1983. If his father knew what his son had planned, he might not have sold it to him. Vince knew his big break through in this business would be to use the advantages of progressing cable TV to provide a type of sport that had more meaning then a fight. With this idea wrestling would not be a regional business anymore. WWE became a world of famous wrestlers turned actors providing dramatic storylines to their already famous fights. Although this transition was not idea for founder Vince McMahon Sr. This strategy brought a new type of sporting entertainment to the sporting world. This strategy and bold move made by Vince provided this brand a golden ticket of differentiating itself against any other sport by using new and creative storylines every show to keep their viewers wanting more and more. The big difference with all of the types of fighting sports, WWE is a scripted show. WWE creates a script to provide the audience timed action always competing to keep this type of sport event alive and as popular as it’s ever been. It’s all the benefits of a sport with a fixed outcome. WWE is a brand that makes most of its profits from live shows, television programming, consumer products, and internet sales. (Shamise, 2011, p.452) “In fact the firm was recently named as one of the top 200 Best Small Companies by Forbes…

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