Essay on Wrods in Transition

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Words in Transformation
The article “A FEW PRO TIPS ON WORD USAGE FOR UNSOPHISTICATED ARMATURE” by George Jonas which appeared in the National Post on January 12, 2013, claims how some words appears to changeover from one meaning to another as time passes by. Jonas uses some examples to prove his point, but no evidence of where his sources came from. He states that the most noticeable word in English language is “gay”; however, he did not include a statistical report on how he came up with his conclusions, and also no references at the end of the article. Can the reader believe that “gay” is the most perceives word in English or is Jonas just being bias towards our current generations? Compare to his time where words where not
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He used some facts to support his argument about how this word has been used in different situation where it means someone doing the wrong thing. Words meaning are usually used to frame a certain concept at a particular time it does not mean that if a word is used to describe a negative event it definition has change from its original meaning. There are other factors that could affect the meaning of a word, yet were not address by Jonas. The advance of technology would have greatly affected the meaning of words today compare to his time of using words. The author could have done lot more research to support his argument, but he seems to be taking language for granted to prove is point. He forgot that time changes so do people and language with a great development of the world today one do not expect everything to stay where they used to be from the old days. In his conclusion he also mention that language only goes with the leaders; he could have elaborate more on how the use of language have change the way we used words today. However, language is not the only thing that changes the way words are used, word is what give outline and meaning to our understanding and affect our behavior and influence our thoughts .In addition it would have been possible for the author to have done a statistical report on some of the

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