World Health Organization Is A Movement That Provides Services For Individuals Struggling With Mental Illness

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he World Health Organization is a movement that provides services for individuals struggling with mental illness and/or substance abuse; mainly focusing on those coming from low income households. This is both a medical and social model because the services offered assist the clients with managing commonplace issues as well as advocacy ; such as suicide prevention. WHO advocates to lessen the weigh down challenges and needs of mental illness patients across the world by providing visitors with services as an individual and/or in the community. On their website, they present detailed categories accordingly; maternal and child mental health, neurology and public health, disorder management, etc. Clicking each category one by one, I noticed that each page starts with a picture and statistics based on the topic, followed by a link that further more explains the cause and why the organization is raising awareness on these issues. The website 's homepage has a "Suicide Report" that informs us about the high rate of suicide committed yearly; which then leads to their campaign. It provides a brief description of the organization 's first "report" and also provides a link for further information. The World Health Organization 's suicide reports is to raise awareness of mental health, cognitive disorders, suicide and suicide attempts around the world. As well as, supporting the suicide prevention organizations worldwide. This report calls upon our society to lend a hand in suicide…

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