Working Conditions As A Part Time Employee Essay

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I am currently employed as a Primary Care Paramedic by BC Ambulance service. I 'm writing anonymously with the aid of my coworkers to discuss concerns about working conditions as a part-time employee. There have been some interest in the public recently* regarding response times of ambulance paramedics to 911 calls, including some on the mainland which resulted in death*. In both of these circumstances, paramedics were blamed for not responding promptly. As a result, we are now being very closely monitored* by BCEHS and questioned about any delays. A delay over 90 seconds between the time a call comes in to when the ambulance is departs is considered worth investigation . If we go over, we meet disciplinary action depending on our explanation for delay.

To the public this would seem reasonable and even necessary, but this is not the reason I am writing. I am writing because as a part-time paramedic who regularly works 60-70 hours a week, this expectation is unreasonable. The cases on the mainland that resulted in fatalities are being blamed on the part-time “kilo” crew responding from home as locals. For this service they are paid 2$ an hour*. This is generally a 10-20 minute response time to the station after the pager goes off, and any additional time to prepare and make sure the ambulance is safe before departure. If we are responding to a cardiac arrest call for instance, the patient will be long dead before the ambulance is out of the garage on our best time. Our…

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