Working At Disneyland As A Professional Dancer Essay

1024 Words Jul 1st, 2016 null Page
Naomi has been working at Disneyland as a professional dancer since she graduated the dance academy. Looking back her school life, it was tough and hard for both physically and mentally. However, she had a strong fighting spirit, she never gave up and achieved her goals. She is satisfied her job because she would like to continue dancing. Depending on the park events and where she is assigned, her work schedule has changed. At first, she is struggling to adjust the schedule. If she is assigned the character parade in the morning, she has to warm up from early morning. When she is selected dance performance in dinner shows in the park restaurants, she finishes the day around midnight. Nevertheless the jobs were hard, she feels so fulfill to do her favorite job. Yesterday, she was celebrated by the coworkers for her 10years anniversary in the company. She could not forget the words that her friends told her. “Congratulations, Naomi! That’s wonderful you have been working here for 10 years!”
“Thank you so much. Thanks to every one of you, I can continue my job. I appreciate your support and help. You encourage me.”
“Your welcome. Because you are always challenging and energetic, we are willing to help you.”
“Thank you, so much all”
“So…by the way, Naomi. What’s your next dream?”
“Next dream????”
“Yeah, you know, our coworkers left job for marriage. Do you have someone special?”
I was shocked. I never thought about marriage, but she was right. I will turn to 30 soon,…

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