Essay on Women 's Struggles Throughout America 's History

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Imagine a man so smart that he is able to clearly observe and analyze major enlightenments and downfalls of a new nation. Now, imagine a man so shy that he rarely talks to women. These two men are one in the same: Alexis De Tocqueville. Tocqueville was a well-respected writer, philosopher and overall scholar of the 19th century, but he never could quite figure out one very important piece of the democratic puzzle: women. He spoke highly of the American woman; however, he took diminutive time truly getting to know her or gather her insight. Therefore, although he had the right intentions, he left America with observations on the female gender that were far from accurate. Tocqueville noted that women had the ultimate power to define household rules, but to have said women were equal to men was extremely misleading. Women have faced struggles throughout America’s history. The feminist movements, which began in the 1800s and still carry on today, show clear evidence that gender equality is still an issue.
Tocqueville states in his observations of America that he believes women are the singular reason for growth and prosperity in America. He also believes mothers shape America’s social norms, more commonly known as “mores.” During his time spent in America he also observed a great deal of men and women’s interaction, duties and overall thoughts. “America, among the world’s countries, is the one where they have taken the most continual care to draw cleanly separated lines of…

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