Women 's Impact On Technology Essay

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Women in Technology

The lack of women in technology has been discussed extensively in recent years, and yet women are still very much in the minority when it comes to the composition of tech firms. This number shrinks even more when it comes to tech based entrepreneurs and CEOs (Miller, 2010). Additionally, women leave tech jobs at a rate much higher than men (Wu, 2014). Some believe that this is because STEM subjects are difficult and unappealing to women. Others make the argument that because women are such a minority, it can actually give them an unfair advantage and help them get ahead. However, not only are women discriminated against in the tech industry, but they are also discouraged from choosing such a career path in the first place. The status of women in technology should be seen as a pressing societal issue that needs to change. It has been argued that there are fewer women in the tech industry because STEM subjects are hard and unappealing to women, who prefer careers where they can fulfill their need to be social, nurturing, and emotional. It’s not that women aren’t valued in tech, they claim, it’s just that most of them aren’t even interested. These critics point to standardized test scores such as the SAT as proof that women have a lesser innate math ability and interest. However, in the US a significant gender disparity in math skills doesn’t develop until after several years of schooling, which suggests that inherent ability is in fact comparable but…

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