Essay Women Should Stay Home And Take Care Of A Family

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Pardon My French, I Can’t Possibly Be A FEMINIST:
An Examination of Feminism in Media

Do you believe women should stay home and take care of a family? Do you believe women should not have a right to vote, to drive, or even to manage a checking account? Do you believe that men are worthless unless they are strong and aggressive and great at business? If you’re like most people, and the majority of educated adults, you’re going to adamantly disagree with these beliefs. That is, if you’re like most people in modern America, you’re a feminist. It’s at this point where many people would harken to disagree with me, but that’s due largely in part to a massive decades long media campaign, one that paints feminism as radical and women as inferior. The media has skewed the concept of feminism to turn it into something it’s not. Most people do not associate as a feminist even when they agree with its core ideals. For example, a Gallup poll from June 2001 found that while 53% of those surveyed supported affirmative action for women & 87% supported raising awareness about fairness in hiring women, yet only 25% of women and 20% of men surveyed considered themselves feminist (Robison). The media portrays women as radical and not to be taken seriously. In the documentary, Miss Representation, we learn that women are twice as likely to be described with negative verbs in politics, for example, a media source would be stating that a women “complained” about the same information that a man…

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