Wisdom Essay

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As I began this assignment , my first thought is what is this word we call

wisdom ? Is wisdom the same as knowledge? My search for the definition of

wisdom led me to many different definitions. The most simple of these was

that wisdom is simply the use of knowledge. Wisdom and knowledge can

actually be both similar or completely different. Whichever it is sometimes

depends on the person. You can be very knowledgeable about something but

how you use that knowledge shows how wise you are. Wise people know

how to put the knowledge they have to good use.

There have been many people with great wisdom who have been here

throughout time. Their backgrounds doesn’t seem to play a impact on the

amount of wisdom
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If everyone used this little bit of wisdom when solving a

problem the world might be a better place for us all.

I think my mother is a great example of someone with great wisdom. She

is 87 years old and sees both the wisdom side and the practical side of most

all situations. She has always told me to learn from my mistakes and don’t

make the same mistake twice. “ Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice

shame on me,” is something I have heard all my life from my mother. I once asked her how she got so wise, she replied , “ you learn from your mistakes

and apply this wisdom to solving your next problem when it arises.” As a

teenager I asked her where to look for this wisdom ? She laughed and said ,

“you don’t look for wisdom, you let it find you .”

I think Socrates would have a great many things to say about my thoughts

on wisdom. Whereas I think wisdom should be valued a great deal in our

lives, he seemed to have thought wisdom was worth very little. After

questioning many affluent people their knowledge on different things he came

to have the belief that people think they know something about things when

they really know nothing at all. From this he came to assume that a wise man

has no idea what knowledge truly is. I think knowledge and wisdom go hand

in hand so to speak. Socrates told us that wisdom was a strange thing and that

to have it we must forget we have it. I must not be very

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