William Faulkner And Nathaniel Hawthorne Essay

1146 Words Nov 16th, 2014 5 Pages
Kayla Duplan
Introduction to Literature
November 15, 2014
Throughout this semester, I have read many different literature materials, they were all different from each other. These literature materials would include short stories, poems and other pieces of literature. Out of all the literature materials that I have read for this course there were two pieces that I really liked. The two authors that I really liked were William Faulkner and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Faulkner and Hawthorne, writing pieces are very different from each other. The piece that I liked from Faulkner is “A Rose for Emily”. After reading Faulkner’s story “A rose for Emily”, I think is a great writer and very detailed. I like the beginning of the story because it seemed like it was the end of the story. It really captured my attention as a reader. Another thing that I liked was he was very descriptive. One of my favorite lines is when he is describing the old lady, “A small fat woman, her skeleton was small and spare, she looked bloated and her eyes, lost in the fatty ridges of her face. From the description of the old lady, you can really picture what she looked like. I like how Faulkner wrote the story from the adulthood to death. While I was reading the story, I could picture what was going on in the story. From Faulkner making the story very detailed made me want to keep going to read the story. A “Rose for Emily” is his most famous and most anthologized short story. From the moment…

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