Why You Should Be Excited About The Next Decade Essay

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Ideas about the Future
The subtitle of the May 2015 issue of the Smithsonian reads, “Why you should be Excited about The Next Decade” (1). In the modern day where technology is reaching the capability to perform tasks that have been imagined about for years such as telepathic communication and made-to-order bones and organs, the Smithsonian works to educate its readers on the science behind these new technologies and their possible applications. Written for a well-educated older generation who has extra time and money to use, the Smithsonian purposely uses presentation, articles, and even advertisements to stimulate the reader’s imagination about the future. The only problem with this is that in an effort to make the future seem bright, and something to look forward to, the magazine paints an unattainable almost-perfect future, where cancer has been eradicated, famine and drought are being stopped, and a faulty organ or broken bone can be easily replaced with an exact 3-D printed copy (Shaer, Sabar, and MD 40-41, 63, and 105). Smithsonian believes that science is more important than feasibility and technology is more important than morals. While the Smithsonian artfully educates and stimulates the reader’s imagination through a thorough knowledge of their audience, upon close examination the magazine lacks real world feasibility and common sense morals.
The Smithsonian realizes who their audience is and what they want. Because of this knowledge, the entire magazine from…

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