Why We Need An Education Program Essay

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This paper has discussed the coherent waste problems with the emphasis on non recyclable plastics that our modern society is currently dealing with. The only way that she can successfully begin to solve this problem is to educate our communities and make them aware of of difference that they can make. This type of education process has to begin at school. We have begun this process in the lower level schools with educating students on how to recycle, but we have yet to explain them why we recycle. This is why we need an education program that will teach this valuable lesson. The program that will be implemented is a sustainable city project. That is a part of leadership programs such as Boys /Girls State or GRC type programs. The social cognitive theory would best describe this program for the reason that in these types of settings, students tend to pay more attention and want to impress their peers with the information that they are able to gather and share. This will drive the students to do the best that they can.
The goal of this program is to teach students that they are responsible for the evironment around them. In this process, they will learn how to responsibly use and take care of natural resources. They will also learn how to take care of the surrounding ecosystem. They will learn about the different types of plastics and other waste and how to properly dispose of them. They will also learn how to reduce pollution. This program would be designed to…

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