Why The Cost Of Living Is Important Essay

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Why the Cost of Living is an Important Issue Money is an important matter, whether it’s being consumed or accumulated. It’s no surprise that to some it can be a struggle; in fact, unemployment rates remain high as many are discouraged to find work. Those who do manage to find work are often working paycheck to paycheck in the food prep or service jobs. So why is money important, because it affects various expenses that are needed to live. The reasons why the cost of living is the cost of living is important is because of the current minimum wage, economy, and inequality. As of present time the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, while some states may have higher wages; none of the businesses can have a lower wage unless it is those who pay for a tipped wages or stated so by state law. In 2012 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor as many as 67.9 percent of workers were considered part-time workers and as many as 32 percent were full time workers (Mantel). Those currently working for a minimum wage will understand that if not enough hours are worked then it could affect their whole living situation. Although there is no set time for employees by the government, a typical full time employee will work between 35-40 hours making about $250-290 a week. That number is even less for a part-time employee who works less than 30-35 hours making less than $220 a week. As of right now there is a legislation that was introduced that would raise the federal wage to $10.10…

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