Why Police Should Use Excessive Force Essay

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Whether Police Should Use Excessive Force Police officers have the significant responsibility along with discretion that comes with the nature of their jobs. Many people fail to realize the enormous burden that the police carry each day to which they need to react quickly yet appropriately. Their jobs provide them the right to infringe upon any citizen’s right to freedom, and therefore they must use their power effectively. In many confrontations, the officers are bound to a position in which they may have to use force to control a situation. The level of force used by police depends on the situation most of the time. The important factor for the determination of the level of force is the situation. Police officers need to increase or decrease their level of force depending on the situation. “The use of force also varies by geographical location and the level of criminal activity affecting communities” (Chapman 422). “From the very beginning of modern policing, it was recognized not only that minimal force should be used, and only when necessary, but that public trust in police reduces the need for force. In contrary, most of the police officers appear to not have the realization of this fundamental truth” (Chapman 421). Police officers are likely to use excessive force on the communities where the crime rates are higher as they possess risks of their own life in such places .But the public often misunderstand them and keep ill feelings…

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