Why I Am A Ideal Candidate For A National Drug And Alcohol Charity For Six Years

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I have previously worked for a national drug and alcohol charity for six years so, I have a good understanding about the clinical requirements and the importance of confidentiality and dealing with sensitive data.

I applied for this role as I am passionate about helping people and working for the Wiltshire Clinical Commissioning Group would allow me to do this. I’m also very excited about the role. Over my career, I’ve had the opportunity to create a lot of different content and I have a real passion for it, so I would love to do it full time.

I also believe I am the ideal candidate for this role, as my skills and experience align perfectly with your criteria set out in your job description. Social media channels
At Swanswell, I was one of the employees in charge of our social media channels, primarily Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, but also some Google+ and LinkedIn. My role was to create content to go out on these channels and monitor any activity that may require a reaction, for example comments on a Facebook post.

I was also responsible for ensuring that messages and themes linked across the platforms when needed. For example, for International Remembrance Day (for people who have died from alcohol or drugs) I created a special Facebook cover photo for our profile, as well as a few Facebook timeline posts and tweets to raise awareness of the day. I also put some of the Facebook post images on our Pinterest boards. Here are some of my social media images:…

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