Who Should Be Listening? Essay

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Who Should Be Listening?
(A discussion of Chaucer’s use of satire to reach his intended audience)

Who is this message really for? There are several people that can read something, but only a select few that will truly understand the meaning and know what the message is conveying. The message being written is important, but so it the intended audience that it is trying to reach. Chaucer was faced with this problem when expressing this thoughts in his work Canterbury Tales. Chaucer had huge problems with majorly radical issues of the day, most of them dealing with the church. He was in iconoclast, that is to say, he attacked and exposed the issues of sacred institutions. He wanted to addresses these issues, but need a way to keep himself safe while doing so. Another problem arose; there was a very specific audience that he intended to reach through his work, he just needed to figure out how to do so. The review of three works within Canterbury Tales, (The Pardoner’s Prologue, The Pardoner’s Tale, and The Wife of Bath’s Prologue) express how he gets his message across. Chaucer’s use of satire to reach his intended audience is seen in his works through how he wrote the tales, his use of scaffolding, and how he breaks up sacred institutions. First of all, Chaucer reaches his intended audience through how we wrote the tales in Canterbury Tales. Chaucer was an extremely intelligent man; he was fluent in several different languages including Latin and French. So the…

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