Essay about Who Is The Better Parent?

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Who is the better Parent -Clash of Cultures?
Being a parent is a rewarding job and we always want what we feel is best for our children. Sometimes what we want may not always be the best. Some parents are too demanding and some are too lenient. Does that make the person a bad parent or a good parent? Some cultures say Westerns are too lenient and our children are lazy. Westerners feel other cultures are too harsh and to demanding of their children. So who is the better parent? Is it the Westerner’s, Chinese, Scottish, or some other culture?
First let’s look at some parenting styles. There are three parenting styles that were first identified by Baumrind. First is `authoritarian, authoritative and permissive (or indulgent) ', the fourth category later identified by Baumrind, `neglectful ' parenting, is, arguably, not a `style ' but an indication of failure on the part of parents to adequately care for their children (Ramaekers & Suissa, 2012, pg.76). Parenting essentially falls into two categories and these are known as Demandingness and Responsiveness. These elements describe the kind of reaction that parents can be expected to have based on the behavior of their children. These two labels can then be used to categories the kind of parenting style of individuals, Authoritarian: Strict, old fashioned and not at all flexible, Permissive (also known as the indulgent parenting style): Too laid back in most cases and children often suffer from a lack of boundaries,…

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