Essay on Who Is The Alcoholics Anonymous?

787 Words Nov 29th, 2014 4 Pages
Kirill Abbakumov

Group AA

When Professor give me this easement I found it very interesting. My father died from cancer bit before that he drank almost every day, he did not recognize that he is an alcoholic. He refused to go on this program so I was interested if that program help him if he was there. So when I got that easement I went on Sunday at SI University Hospital South 375 Seguine Ave. Hylan Blvd. What is it that is happening "inside the walls" of AA? How is it that an alcoholic, past fire and water, tried all conceivable methods of treatment, after a short time suddenly stop using? How are people literally were on the bottom, with the advent of AA become full members of society ? Who are the "Alcoholics Anonymous". When I came to group AA I saw a lot of people how had or have problems with alcohol. They all very nice people and understand that they all her because of the problem because of alcohol. When I came there I saw small room with people they was from 20 years old to 60 years old and the all know each-other . The know why they her end what the came for. There I saw Pearson who was first time. And no one was look at him, so he was not embers . Because I think to agree that you alcoholic you need spend a lot of time with your self to fiend answer for this question” I am a alcoholic?” . Because usually alcoholics never agree that hi alcoholic he…

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