Who Is Becoming A Pediatrician Essay

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Destined To Be A Pediatrician

In one’s childhood, there is a very frequently asked question amongst oneself. This question, often asked by the elderly, is “what do you want to be when you grow up?” Very rarely does a child name off a career and truly pursue that same career it in the future. Growing up, there are several stages a child’s mind may and will go through. From changing their favorite Television shows as they age throughout the years, to changing their favorite color, song, or even food. For the time being, they may assure you that they are determined on all of their favorites or what they aspire to be in the future is already set to stone. But is it really? Looking back, I changed my future profession numerous times. At just three years old, I unknowingly contemplated the idea of becoming a children’s doctor by simply playing will baby dolls given to me and constantly checking their heartbeats with the plastic stethoscope. However, that was just the first of many phases I progressed through. Immediately upon my fourth birthday, my parents purchased a miniature plastic kitchen that I had been asking for for quite some time. Soon thereafter, preparing plastic meals for my loved ones seemed to be my specialty. With that being said, I believe I was living proof of how a child’s mindset can practically change overnight.
Prior to entering high school, I knew community service/volunteer hours was something I was lacking. Following my conversation with the school…

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