Essay about Who Is A Fine Man?

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I Xenophon have come to the courts today to defend Socrates, a fine man. I was a pupil of Socrates and I am here to personally object to the charges facing my teacher. I would like to start off by stating that Socrates was a very wise man. He was an intellect that many yearned to learn from. I had the privilege of attending his lectures and hearing him sermon for hours on end about complex issues and philosophies. He was a man with the astuteness of many before and after. He taught me personally how to become an effective speaker within assembly. He was a man that had a say on just about every topic and in turn made me more aware. He did have many criticisms to make but they were all valid. His views matched my own and therefore my learning experience became enriched. I honored Socrates because he was always “in control of his own passions and appetites wise he was the strictest of men” (Xenophon i, 2, 1-3). This control he had over himself allowed him to speak on behalf of honesty, inquiry and merit. Socrates has been convicted of corruption in regards to the youth. These accusations are fallacy because I have first hand experience with the teachings of Socrates. You cannot blame Socrates for the youths personal interpretation of his work, he cannot be held accountable for his self-image and the misunderstanding that surrounds him, nor has Socrates led the youth astray. Socrates was a man of principal and he should be honored and respected for his work within Athens.


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